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Benefits of a Professional Vehicle Wrap for Your Company

Professional vehicle wrap on a smart carCost Effective Advertising

A professional vehicle wrap is very cost effective method of advertising because once you pay the initial capital to get the car covered, the advertisement can last up to five years. You also have the option to cover your vehicles entirely or partly. The size of the decal and the complexity will also determine the price of the wrap. In comparison to other advertising mediums such as television or radio, a vehicle wrap is a fraction of the cost. A commercial can cost you thousands of dollars and give you only 15 seconds of exposure, while airing for a relatively short period of time. Another disadvantage to television and radio is that you cannot control the audience that the advertisement is received by. A car wrap provides constant exposure for a longer period of time and reaches the community that you do business for. A professionally wrapped work vehicle is more personal and showcases that you are a local company they should hire.

Increased Brand Awareness & Recognition

The advertisement on your company vehicles promote your brand and informs the public of your organizations presence. A professionally wrapped car or van shows the community that you are their neighbourhood’s professional choice in your field of work. Once you catch the attention of a viewer they are more likely to visit your website or call for your services which will generate leads. For example if you saw a company vehicle in front of your neighbour’s home, you would be more likely to call that company over their competitors because that company has now been endorsed by someone you personally know and trust. Your company’s increased exposure in a certain area can create familiarity that encourages references and potentially brand loyalty.

24/7 Marketing

Normal cars blend into the plain backdrop of life, wrapped cars stand out and get noticed. Car wraps proactively target any one that has the pleasure to view your car. Traffic jams are usually viewed negatively because they slow down efficiently and prevent your employees from doing more important jobs. Thankfully, car wraps put a positive spin on traffic jams and turn that unfortunate downtime into advertising opportunities. The other advantage to wrapping your company vehicle is that unlike other advertising media, it cannot be tuned out or turned off. People will see your advertising because it will be part of their environment and an effective wrap will guide their eyes to your car. Car wraps are always advertising your company, even when your car is not on the go!

Creating New Advertising Spaces

Wrapping your company car allows your business to attain exposure in areas that other advertising channels cannot reach. Essentially wrapping your vehicle creates your own moving billboard that will advertise everywhere your employees travel. Wrapped vehicles stand out and will catch the attention of individuals that are passing by, fueling inquiries regarding your goods or services. The positive exposure you attain will create new leads and sales. If your car wrap is done professionally you will be creating a great first impression that will make people want to do business with your company.

Professionally wrapping your company vehicles is the perfect way to get the most bang for your marketing budget. Not only will your vehicle capture the attention of thousands of interested prospects each day, it will also increase brand awareness, advertise around the clock, and find new and exciting places to advertise to every day! Now that’s effective marketing!

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  1. I wanted to learn more about car wrapping. I think it is such a good idea to put the company logos on the car because it is advertising the company 24/7. I will definitely have to mention this to my dad and maybe get a custom wrap to help advertise this company. Thanks for the information!

    1. Vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost per impression of any popular advertising form including: Outdoor signage, Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazine ads. Depending on your business and services.. Car wrapping is worth the investment.

  2. I see quite a few trucks and cars that have advertising on them, and I was curious about how that actually helps their company. It’s interesting that it actually helps the cars get noticed, and turn traffic jams into an advertising experience. It’s nice that there are different ways to get traffic to your business.

  3. I really like that you point out that one of the benefit of vehicle wraps are that they are very cost effective. After reading this, it makes sense why this would be an easy way to get people to not your business and not have to pay money over and over to get an ad out there. It might be a good idea to make sure that the message on the car is simple and easy to read. I imagine it would be hard to read something with small print that is traveling at 40 mph.

  4. I see quite a few cars driving around that have vehicle wraps, and I was curious about the benefits that they have. It’s interesting that they can actually turn driving into an advertising opportunity! Since you do need to get from place to place, it would be nice to make sure the you are advertising where ever you go.

  5. I agree that a vehicle wrap is a good way to get brand awareness. If you have a local business and your car is constantly driving around the area where your business is located people will start to recognize the brand. Once they see your store they will be more inclined to enter because they are familiar with your brand. Plus, like you said, it is very cost effective.

  6. It’s always important to leave it to the professionals, I had a friend who tried to go through another friend and the wrap was horrible.

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