Trailer Lettering & Graphics

Trailer Lettering & Graphics

With trailer lettering and trailer graphics, your trailer instantly becomes a mobile billboard. When your trailer is parked for an extended period of time, it will grab the attention of individuals passing by and advertise your product or service.  Who can resist of not thinking of getting excited for a fresh coffee when they see a Tim Horton’s trailer.

Create a Positive Impression with Trailer Lettering & Graphics

Trailers are a great place to advertise because of their large surface area you can cover. Trailer lettering and graphics are a cost effective way of attaining high exposure because they will receive constant attention.

If you examine traditional advertising methods, a lot of them are losing their effectiveness.  Newspaper ads don’t have as wide of a reach as very few people read newspapers like they did a decade ago.  Many people are cutting their cable, and television ads are not as popular as they once were.  With radio, people are using internet or satellite services.  However, fleet graphics have always stood the test of time, and if you look back historically, vehicle graphics have been popular since wagons were developed.

Think of how many times you see branding on trailers such as for the Beer Store, Pepsi, Tim Hortons, GFS or even U-Haul when you’re on the 403 or driving around town.  If you go to festivals where there are food trucks, such as the Burlington Sound of Music festival, you can probably spot your favourite food truck from a mile away from their truck graphics as well.  

A well branded and designed food truck is going to seem more approachable, appetizing and delicious than a truck that has very little branding and is just a white box.

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