Vehicle Lettering
Want to get the most for your advertisement dollar? Moving objects are eye catching and reach a large audience. Place your contact information, or  a quick message on your vehicles and your advertisement will not go unnoticed.  By using bright colors and striking fonts, vehicle lettering (sometimes also referred to as truck lettering) will take your company to new levels.

Here are few tips to optimize your vehicle lettering.

  • Use large and at least three inches tall.
  • Use a high contrast colour scheme on the body while white vinyl often shows up best on windows.
  • Add your slogan and other image identity items.
  • Usually a minimalistic design is best to quickly convey your message, but don’t forget to add your name and contact info.
  • Consider reflective web decals for 24-7 exposure.
  • Add stripes and other design element if needed.

Get more tips on effective truck and vehicle lettering in our blog post.

Vehicle graphics will get you additional business that goes beyond traditional advertising.  A classic and historical case of car lettering is the ‘geek squad’ who branded their logo on their car.  This business did home computer repair and setup. As the cars zipped around town, and stopped in at various houses, their business success grew as so many people often had computers that needed repair, but could never be bothered to bring it in to the store.  Knowing that a business came to them, and vehicle branding is what made the ‘Geek Squad’ successful.

Vehicle graphics gets you a lot of mileage for your dollar.  Not only are you a mobile billboard, you are a mobile business card as well.  If someone spots your vehicle on the road, and decides they could use your services, all they need to do is take a quick photo of your car with their cell phone and they instantly have all the information they need to remember and contact you.  Word of mouth goes a long way too, so if someone sees your vehicle in the neighbourhood, they may ask their neighbour later on about your quality of work on a project, again leading to an increase of sales.