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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Custom Reception Sign

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Custom Reception Sign

Your reception area is already being utilized to greet your company’s visitors. But did you know that it could play another important role – one that could positively affect your business’ marketing strategy?

Custom reception signs provide an opportunity to help visitors remember your company long after they’ve left your location. So whether you look online for a signmaker or call into a local sign business, find one that suits you. Here are three reasons why your business should invest in one today.

Custom Reception Signs Provide an Opportunity to Be Creative

Since each reception sign is custom made, the options are endless when it comes to its design.

One of the least expensive material options is vinyl which can be applied directly to the wall.

Another option is a backer panel that incorporates metal or acrylic onto a frosted backer panel.

Want a custom reception sign that will display only letters? Ask about custom 3D, neon, stainless or painted sign options!

A combination of design styles can also be used to incorporate your logo, messaging or even pictures of your products.

A professional sign maker will work closely with you to create a perfect reception sign that will meet your company’s needs. Your budget and desired look will help determine the type of material used in your business’ sign.

Custom Reception Signs Provide an Opportunity to Create a Lasting Impression

Every time your company’s visitors enter or exit your location, they likely pass by your reception desk. Why not take that opportunity to make a lasting impression on each visitor?

It’s proven that the more times a potential customer sees your brand and its logo (whether that be spa logos or any other), the more likely he/she will be to use your business’ products or services. This is why it is also important to make sure that, not only is your business brand visible, but that your business brand is perfect right from the very start.

Choosing an effective custom reception sign will help customers remember you long after they leave your reception area!

Custom Reception Signs Provide an Opportunity to Display Your Company’s Logo

How much money did you spend when you designed your company’s logo?

A logo is key for potential customers to associate a certain product or service with a company. However, the design process associated with creating a logo typically isn’t cheap.

That’s why it’s important that once you’ve invested in a logo design for your company, you use it in as many different marketing strategies as possible.

Besides your business cards, letterhead and website, a custom reception sign is a great way to incorporate your logo. Doing so will ensure that from the moment visitors step into your reception area, your business’ brand will be effortlessly presented to them.

Choose About Signs for Your Custom Reception Sign

When it comes to custom reception signs, not just any sign will do. Work with an experienced sign shop to ensure your custom reception sign will accurately represent your business’ brand!

About Signs has been helping customers in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and the surrounding area to design custom reception signs that enhance their reception areas. Let us do the same for your business! Contact us today to learn more about the many options associated with our custom reception sign services.