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5 Reasons to Invest in Vehicle Vinyl Decals for Your Commercial Truck

5 Reasons to Invest in Vehicle Vinyl Decals for Your Commercial Truck

5 Reasons to Invest in Vehicle Vinyl Decals for Your Commercial Truck

You can effectively market your brand with custom vehicle vinyl decals, giving you more opportunities to engage with your audience and reach a wider market. About Signs Limited is an experienced truck lettering decals company based in Ontario, offering services from the GTA, down to the Niagara area. If you’re looking for cost-effective ways to brand your fleet or even a single vehicle, you can start by considering the benefits of vehicle vinyl decals from our team.

  1. Bring Consistency to a Fleet with Truck Lettering Decals
  2. Consistency is a key aspect of branding. With consistency, your business will become more recognizable, allowing you to gain a larger mindshare within your local market. Simply using the same or similar vehicles, even if they’re all the same colour, isn’t enough to make your brand consistently recognizable.

    The addition of truck lettering decals can bring the consistency that you need. Your local market will gain familiarity with your brand, which could give you a significant edge over your competition. Best of all, with truck lettering decals, you won’t need to get full wraps or large graphics which can be costlier, or, they might simply not fit with the brand image that you’re looking for.

    If it’s cost-efficient and effective branding that you’re looking for, nothing makes more sense than classic truck lettering decals.

  3. Add Contact Details to Your Fleet
  4. Some companies choose to use full vehicle wraps to add graphics and lettering to their fleets. This is a great way to market your business and gain recognition within your industry and with the public. However, full wraps aren’t always desirable. You might be looking for a more understated aesthetic, or you might simply want to keep your costs minimal. But if you aren’t using wraps, how will you share key information like contact numbers, the company name, social media handles, or website address?

    The simple solution is to add truck lettering decals. These can be added anywhere to a truck, car, or van, such as on the tailgate or rear bumper, side doors, or even on the hood. The rear of the vehicle is one of the best places to add truck lettering decals because this will ensure maximum engagement with other vehicles on the road. Both door sides are also great choices for truck lettering decals.

  5. Custom Tailgate Decals and Other Types of Decals and Lettering are Long Lasting
  6. On top of the marketing advantages of custom tailgate decals and lettering, your business will also enjoy durability when using custom vinyl vehicle signage from About Signs Limited. Vinyl is a weather-resistant material, and our team uses the most reliable products with strong automotive adhesive backing. Vinyl lettering and graphics can last up to around seven years before needing replacement. In some cases, the material will last longer, especially if your fleet is kept garaged when not in use.

    With the durability of custom tailgate decals and other similar vehicle signage, you won’t have to worry about upgrading letters and graphics every couple of years. This keeps the cost of investment low while ensuring that you enjoy long-term returns.

    For the best custom tailgate decals and letters, talk to our team for a free estimate. There are countless customization options ranging from the graphics you choose to fonts, colours, size, and positioning. Our team will work with you to design custom tailgate decals that suit your brand and your marketing goals.

    Custom tailgate decals can cover the entire tailgate of a commercial truck, a small section, or anything in between. The choice is yours when you work with the best team for custom tailgate decals in Southern Ontario.

  7. Vehicle Vinyl Decals Can Be Used on Windows
  8. As with full vehicle wraps, you can have vehicle vinyl decals made to cover windows on your commercial vehicles. Trucks, vans, and cars can have window vinyl applied at the rear and on side windows, excluding the windscreen and driver/front passenger windows.

    We use perforated vehicle vinyl decals so that they appear clear and solid from the outside, but still allow light through so that there’s visibility from inside the vehicle. This ensures safety and comfort for the driver and passengers.

  9. We Professionally Install Our Automotive Vinyl Products
  10. There are a lot of areas of your business where DIY branding makes sense. Vinyl graphics, letters, and decals are best left to the professionals. With a professional fit and finish, your commercial vehicle vinyl decals will look better and last longer. About Signs Limited offers fair rates for design, production, and installation, ensuring that you can get the branding you need at a reasonable price.

Ready to learn more? Start with your free quote for vehicle vinyl decals and take your brand with you any time your vehicles are on the road.