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A Frame Awning Design for a Better Storefront in Mississauga

A Frame Awning Design for a Better Storefront in Mississauga

When you want to combine practical weather protection and branding, nothing beats an A Frame awning. Suited to storefronts, you can get the best A Frame awning designs from About Signs Limited. We are the leading signage company in Mississauga and the GTA, offering a professional and cost-competitive service. 

Here’s what you need to know about A Frame awnings to get your business noticed. 

A Frame Awnings Provide Weather Protection 

If you want protection from the elements outside of your business, an A Frame Awning is one of the most effective ways to get it. The A Frame will protect the entryway from wind, rain, snow, and sun. Ultimately, wood frames stand up better to outdoor windy environments as opposed to lightweight aluminum frames. A frames made from ¾” crezon plywood stand up to most winds. 

While these types of awnings are typically used for entryways, they can be used for other areas outside of your business. If you own a bar or restaurant, an extended awning could provide shelter for outdoor tables and seating, and could replace individual commercial umbrellas in some cases. 

Using an Awning as a Canopy Sign 

Of course, if you’re going to be using an awning outside of your business, you can get the most value by creating a canopy sign. You’ll have all the benefits of shelter, while also gaining space for branding. 

Canopy signs can be printed (on vinyl) or painted (on fabric) with your company name, branding, and any of the other wording or graphics that you’re looking for. About Signs Limited offers the most durable canopy signs so your graphics and text will remain vibrant for years of outdoor use. 

Adding a canopy sign to your business is a great way to increase brand exposure. Even if you already have some storefront signage, a canopy sign could add visibility for pedestrians and passing traffic, while also improving the overall look of your storefront. 

What are the Limitations on Awnings Images and Text? 

While there aren’t a lot of technical limitations on awnings images and text, there are practical reasons why you should keep things simple. 

With any type of signage, you should seek to make an impact. Visually, the busier your awnings images and text are, the more difficult it will be for people to take in the information. In most cases, businesses add awnings images like logos, and text like a stylized business name. In some cases, additional wording relating to the business could be used. 

If you do want a complex design, vinyl is the best awning material to use. Awnings images on vinyl are printed digitally so it’s easier to get the finer details. Fabric materials are painted with lettering and graphics, so the awnings images and text will look better when they’re bolder and simpler. 

Talk to us about the concept you have in mind, and we’ll tell you what’s possible for the size of the awning. 

What’s the Best Outdoor Fabric in Mississauga? 

If you choose to go with outdoor fabric in Mississauga rather than vinyl, Sunbrella is the best option. 

Sunbrella outdoor fabric in Mississauga comes with several advantages, including UV stability, a range of colours and designs, and the ability to take painted graphics and text well. 

With Sunbrella outdoor fabric in Mississauga, you can get a classic aesthetic with resistance to mold and discolouration. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to vinyl vs outdoor fabric in Mississauga for your awning. It all comes down to the look that you’re going for. 

We can provide concepts for both vinyl and outdoor fabric in Mississauga so you can choose the right material that suits your business and your overall brand image. 

Durable Aluminum Awning Design 

You want a return on your investment, so choosing the right material for the awning frame is important. At About Signs Limited, we build custom aluminum frames that are durable, weather-resistant, and cost-efficient. 

Aluminum is an excellent choice because it’s relatively lightweight without sacrificing strength. It can be mounted to a storefront with or without additional support, depending on how far it extends. Our engineers will ensure that the installation is safe for your premises. 

Awning design is available in more than just A Frame shapes. We can build traditional sloping awnings, rounded awnings, or whatever it is that you’re looking for. With a complete awning design service, you can make your concept a reality with the best signage company in Mississauga. 

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It’s time to make your storefront stand out from the competition. The team at About Signs Limited is ready to get started on your project. With an end-to-end awning design, engineering, and installation service, it’s easier than ever to add prominent branding with practical shelter. Built to code and ready to withstand the elements, our A Frame awnings are ideal for businesses of all sizes.