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A Quick Guide to Backlit Store Signs

A Quick Guide to Backlit Store Signs

With effective marketing, you can ensure that your business is seen and remembered. Familiarity with your brand can drive loyalty and repeat sales. Marketing isn’t just found in your copy and the materials that you distribute or post online. You can also market with your storefront signage.

Backlit store signs are perfect for prominent branding that brings people into your business. Lit letter signs can attract new customers who aren’t familiar with your brand.

If you want to get the best return from your investment in signage, a backlit store sign is the ideal starting point.

What’s the Biggest Benefit of a Backlit Store Sign?

Backlit store signs attract attention. No matter where your business is located, it can be difficult to cut through the “noise” of the surrounding businesses. 3D backlit logo signs or lit letter signs will give your business a unique visual identifier that helps people to identify your company and what it does.

Backlit signs can attract eyes, and captivate them long enough to understand your branding and message.

Effective signage is prominent and distinctive, which is why backlit store signs work so well. In busy commercial districts where there are signs on almost every storefront, a bright and noticeable sign can make all the difference. Backlit signs also ensure that your logo or text can be seen at night or in poor weather conditions.

Letters or Logos? The Choice is Yours

Backlit signs work. They attract and hold attention. These are facts. But even knowing this, you’ll need to decide on the right sign for your needs.

There are options depending on the space that you have available. You can choose to create your sign with text, a logo, or a combination of both.

3D Backlit Logo Signs

Logo signs can include text and graphics. When incorporating 3D backlit logo signs, it’s important to understand that simplicity works best. The more complex a logo is, the more difficult it will be to see and identify.

If you use a particularly complex logo for your business, there are ways around this. The logo could be simplified for your 3D backlit logo signs. This would ensure that it becomes more effective for storefront signage. If you don’t want to simplify a logo for storefront advertising, you could choose a specialized solution like a lightbox sign. This type of sign is lit from within and can feature more complex graphics on the face. You can see examples of our illuminated sign boxes for inspiration on your signage project.

3D backlit logo signs protrude from the building façade, creating an impressive visual effect that can set you apart from your competition. 3D backlit logo signs are also durable and are designed to withstand the weather. We use the best materials and engineer our solutions to last.

Lit Letter Signs

3D lit letter signs look impressive in any environment. Think of the largest and most successful companies and the premises that you’ve seen. From Mercedes Benz dealerships to Tim Hortons locations, lit letter signs are used extensively.

These are the most common backlit store signs used in Canada. There are good reasons for this.

Lit letter signs allow you to prominently display your stylized brand name. You can put these on the storefront of any location and your business will become more visible. Lit letter signs can help to direct people that are looking for your premises. They can also attract new customers who haven’t had any previous interactions with your business.

Lit letter signs are produced using acrylic front panels and can be lit from behind or within the sign itself. You can use individual channel letters or a large 3D panel with the text in one continuous piece.

Environmentally Friendly

We use efficient LED lighting for 3D backlit logo signs and lit letter signs. LED lighting is longer lasting than traditional halogen or incandescent lighting. It is also available in a range of hues so that you can get the perfect visual effect at your place of business.

Steps to Get the Best Backlit Store Signs

If you want the best-looking signage for your business, you need a team that can deliver results. About Signs Limited is the premier signage company in Southwestern Ontario. Our approach to effective business signage ensures an excellent return on investment.

  • You can contact us today for your backlit store signs quote.
  • We can provide in-house design services, or work with your existing designs.
  • We carefully manage the process from consultation to installation.
  • We use digital prototyping so you can see iterations of the design before production.

With competitive rates and the highest quality, you will have confidence in your investment. Talk to the team at About Signs Limited today and give your business a boost with effective backlit store signs.