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Quality and Cost-Efficient Signs Hamilton Ontario

Hamilton is a hub for education and commerce. Business in the city is thriving, and About Signs Limited has been here for more than 20 years, creating effective and attractive commercial signs in Hamilton Ontario.
We help companies get more impressions and engagement with options ranging from vinyl lettering in Hamilton to awnings and car wraps.

We are experts in all forms of commercial signage and are standing by with your no-obligation quote today.


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You want your business to grow. We have the signs in Hamilton Ontario and printing solutions to help you achieve your goals. We provide services throughout Hamilton and the nearby areas.

Contact us today and learn how an established Hamilton sign company can get your business looking its best.

Committed to the Community with Extensive Services from our Hamilton Sign Shop

Bold, attractive, and informative signs in Hamilton Ontario can help you to connect with your market. If you need to improve your branding or if you’re looking for new ways to advertise, you’ll find plenty of options at our Hamilton sign shop.

  • Channel Letters Hamilton: Some of the best Hamilton signs are created using channel letters. These three-dimensional letters made from metal and acrylic are big, bold, and immediately memorable. If you want to raise the profile of your storefront while promoting your company name, channel letters in Hamilton will be perfect.
  • Construction Signs Hamilton: Hamilton is constantly growing and boasts a thriving construction industry. We offer custom printed construction hoarding and directional signs to keep your site safe and secure.
  • Digital Printing Hamilton Vinyl Stickers: Our large format printing covers printed logos, posters, wall graphics, adhesive labels, and our popular Hamilton vinyl stickers. Durable Hamilton vinyl stickers cling to glass partitions, windows, and doors using static electricity. Hamilton vinyl stickers can be printed with simple logos and letters, or full-colour graphics, depending on your needs. For an affordable investment, you can get attractive Hamilton vinyl stickers to promote your brand.
  • Electronic Message Signs Hamilton: If you want primary signage that provides more opportunity to give information and drive engagement, electronic message signs are ideal. These signs can be customized with your message at any time that suits you. You can even control the sign remotely. Bright and attention-grabbing, these Hamilton signs can get your business noticed.

  • Illuminated LED Signs Hamilton: Most of our outdoor and indoor signs can be made as illuminated LED signs in Hamilton Ontario. Bright and attention-grabbing LED signs Hamilton keep your brand visible to maximize opportunities for recognition and engagement. If you’re interested in custom letters, graphics, or light displays, talk to us today for options on LED signs in Hamilton Ontario.
  • Pylon Signs Hamilton: If you’re on a highway or main road, a pylon sign in Hamilton could get your brand the visibility that it needs. Tall and noticeable, pylon signs are ideal for businesses that are obscured from the roadside. We can customize with your choice of lettering, graphics, and lighting that faces towards the traffic flow.
  • Awnings Hamilton: Our custom awnings in Hamilton are designed to protect and beautify your fascia. Available in a range of styles and colour choices, awnings in Hamilton can incorporate graphics, text, or both to promote your business. Awnings in Hamilton offer reliable shade, protection from wind and rain, and a great branding opportunity.
  • Vehicle Graphics Hamilton and Car Wraps Hamilton: Any vehicle has the potential to become a powerful branding and marketing tool. Car wraps in Hamilton can transform a standard commercial vehicle, truck, or trailer into a billboard that is seen everywhere you travel. Car wraps in Hamilton won’t damage your vehicles and they can be removed when they’re not needed, which is great if you have rental vehicles or need to sell your fleet in the future. Contact us today for a quote on full and partial car wraps in Hamilton.
  • Window Graphics Hamilton and Vinyl Lettering Hamilton: Windows are an opportunity to promote your brand. With graphics and vinyl lettering in Hamilton you can turn any window or glass door into a compelling advertisement for your business. Vinyl lettering can also be applied to walls and sign backings. We fully customize vinyl lettering in Hamilton to reflect brand imagery, keeping things consistent and memorable.