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Toronto Signs – About Signs Limited is Committed to Serving the Toronto Community

Toronto is one of the best cities in the world to do business. It’s highly ranked in global competitiveness, quality of life, innovation, and it offers multi-sector strength to entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. If you’re established in the city or the GTA or if you’re just starting a business, it’s time to think about commercial signs in Toronto.

The right signage will give your brand a competitive edge while helping to promote your name and announce your presence. About Signs Limited has offered cost-competitive Toronto signs for more than two decades. If you’re looking for a sign company in Toronto that offers great rates, impressive designs, and defect-free products, you can get started with an obligation-free quote from About Signs Limited Today. Learn about the Toronto signs we offer and start talking to a signage expert now.


Upgrade Your Neon Signs in Toronto With Efficient LED Lighting

Neon signs have a unique aesthetic that many businesses demand, but there are more energy-efficient options available today. Front-lit channel letters and even halo-lit letters are suitable replacements for neon signs in Toronto.

Our illuminated signs offer increased visibility day or night with bright customizable designs and colours that will get your brand noticed. Whether you are looking for neon signs in Toronto for a storefront, in-store displays, or even large pylon signs or monument signs, we have solutions to promote your brand and drive customer engagement.

Older neon signs in Toronto can be upgraded with LED lighting to reduce energy costs without compromising the look and feel that you’re going for.

Get a Quote from the Best Sign Company Toronto Has to Offer

Our experience in the industry, advanced design and fabrication methods, and expert installation all result in durable signs that achieve your marketing goals. Whether you’re looking for attractive car wrap in Toronto, window graphics, neon signs in Toronto, or simple car magnets, you’ll always receive the VIP treatment.

Start designing today and get your obligation-free quote from About Signs Limited. Custom Toronto signage is exactly what you need to promote and grow your business.


Popular Toronto Signs Options for Businesses of all Sizes

We are an established sign company in Toronto that is committed to helping businesses grow their markets and reach customers with more impressions every day. You can start on your Toronto signs with our design experts.

The following are some of our most popular Toronto signs options for businesses and a diverse range of organizations.

Awnings in Toronto are used to provide shade, cover products displayed outside, or to offer a reprieve from the weather outside doorways and front-facing windows.

  • Channel Letters Toronto: Our channel letters in Toronto offer three-dimensional depth for impressive storefront signage that captivates passers-by whether on the road or within a busy commercial shopping centre or shared space. Channel letters can be illuminated with efficient LED lighting to keep your brand visible no matter the conditions.
  • Construction Signs Toronto: Construction sites can be secured and obscured from the public with our hoarding signs in Toronto. Construction signs in Toronto are useful for promoting a project while advertising the brands of developers, construction firms, and partners. For construction signs that stand out and increase brand awareness, we’re the best sign company in Toronto.
  • Digital Printing Toronto: Our digital printing in Toronto includes large format printing for window clings, posters, banners, and other permanent or temporary marketing assets. From murals and wall graphics to clear vinyl and adhesive labels, talk to About Signs Limited.
  • Electronic Message Signs Toronto: If you want the ability to customize your message daily or as often as you need, we offer electronic message signs in Toronto. Our signs are bright, highly legible, and can be controlled remotely. We can incorporate Toronto signs message boards into larger sign displays including storefront signage, pylon signs, and monument signs.

  • Illuminated Signs Toronto: Letters and graphics often look better when they’re lit up with efficient LED or neon signs in Toronto. Our illuminated signs are designed to attract attention and provide high visibility day or night, no matter the weather. Perfect for storefronts and commercial properties, you can start designing illuminated signs with an expert today.
  • Pylon Signs Toronto: Pylon signs in Toronto are freestanding exterior signage options that are used to promote your business with maximum visibility, even from a distance. These are well suited to shared commercial spaces, turnoffs, and roadside branding.
  • Car Wrap Toronto and Vehicle Graphics Toronto: You can turn any commercial vehicle into a powerful marketing asset with car wrap Toronto and vehicle graphics in Toronto. Our wraps can cover all or part of cars, trucks, and trailers. Vehicle graphics include vinyl decals and signs, as well as affordable magnetic signs. Talk to us today for car wrap Toronto pricing and options.
  • Window Graphics Toronto: Your storefront windows are suited to vinyl clings, decals, imitation etched glass and solid lettering. If you want to turn every window and door into a billboard, talk to the best sign company in Toronto today.
  • Commercial Awnings Toronto: Our custom awnings in Toronto can give your commercial space a facelift with an attractive and functional shelter. Awnings in Toronto are used to provide shade, cover products displayed outside, or to offer a reprieve from the weather outside doorways and front-facing windows. Awnings in Toronto are developed with vinyl and Sunbrella fabrics for durability and maximum UV resistance. You can even add graphics and lettering to your awnings in Toronto to be used for branding and advertising.