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Advertising with a Trailer – Trailer Lettering

If your business has a trailer to move items around town, or if your trailer is where you do business, the right lettering can turn your trailer into an advertisement and a call to action. The great thing about trailer lettering is that you don’t have to pay to have an ad circulating in traditional media; every time you hit the road, you’re advertising with a trailer and spreading the word about your company.

Tim Horton Trailer

Don’t underestimate the value of good graphics on your trailer. The biggest companies in the world use their trailers to advertise their products (ever see that McDonald’s trailer with the phrase “very Big Mac” and a photo of a Big Mac on it?), and to reinforce their brand (imagine UPS’s signature brown trucks and trailers).

Depending on how you typically utilize your trailer, you can craft the trailer lettering to spark interest, help potential customers remember your name and contact information, or motivate customers to visit the trailer directly to purchase something.

Pique the interest of viewers

When your trailer is out on the road, you’ll want to make it visually stimulating enough to catch the interest of the people it passes. Good graphics can help to this end. Think about what your business does and consider using a pictorial representation of it on the trailer. For instance, a landscaping company may use an image of a tree or even an abstract design composed of shades of green. Graphics help capture attention because people are quicker to respond to images than text. But that doesn’t mean you can use just an old lettering.

Make sure prospective clients know who you are

Using your trailer to advertise your company means placing your name in the public eye and doing it in a recognizable, or at least legible way. Making your name recognizable doesn’t necessarily mean using a wild typeface. You can use a simple lettering in a large size to help viewers remember your company’s name. Remember that trailers are frequently in motion, so to help your name stick in the minds of potential customers, your name should be easily identifiable on the trailer and easily readable.

Make sure prospective clients know how to reach you

Trailer lettering gives you a chance to showcase the big strengths of your business, but it isn’t great for conveying details. It’s hard enough to read a line or two of text on a billboard, let alone a moving object. That’s why in addition to having your company name stand out, you’ll want to include pertinent information about your business – namely your phone number and website so that customers can look you up long after your trailer has left their field of vision.

Bring the customers directly to you

If you use your trailer as a mobile shop, effective lettering can make it more appealing. Food stalls are often housed in trailers, and that opens up the possibility of using both images and text to draw in customers. Something as simple as the word “hamburgers” written in an interesting typeface, and in large letters, can draw in passers-by. You could also use the trailer’s exterior to display a menu. In this case, you can convey more details because the trailer would be stationary.

Ready to turn your trailer into a travelling billboard? Contact us to find out more about our trailer lettering options and craft the right look for your company’s trailer.