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Anchor Your Company’s Brand with a Logo

Anchor Your Company’s Brand with a Logo

When starting out with a business, you want to create brand recognition and creating a company logo is one of the ideal techniques for achieving that goal. A good logo is more than just images or words. It is the face of your company and it is a critical aspect of business marketing. A business logo is a shorthand method of identifying a company through advertising. The various fonts, colours and designs provide an anchor for all of the marketing material, like signs, banners billboards and websites that are used to promote the business. Whilst there are many companies and designers who can create logos, it is also possible to make them yourself if you use one of the many online design tools available. GraphicSprings offer a free logo maker which you may want to try.

The Story

A logo conveys a story about your company, tells the public what you do, what you stand for and adds credibility to your organization. It can create memorability among your target market and inspire others to spread the word about you in the marketplace. A logo cements a company’s brand and it is the single most visible representation of your company’s marketing strategy.


Logos not only boost recognition, but they set you apart from other companies competing in the same industry. Since consumers often shop with their eyes, logos can create instantaneous responses and over time, customers come to associate your brand with its logo, no matter if they see it on a giant billboard or on custom enamel lapel pins. A well-designed and precisely defined business logo can convey your honesty and integrity and therefore builds trust with your clients to put them at ease. Most importantly, you can enhance admiration in the marketplace by creating a logo that is highly regarded for its good looks, eye-catching appeal, cleverness and effective simplicity.

Target Market

It is especially important to think about your target market when you are designing the logo for your firm. It should be unique, comprehensible and distinctive in appearance to potential customers. Even though there are innumerable colour choices and typography, a logo must convey some information or meaning that makes sense about the company’s product or service. What might look good for a florist shop with a whimsical font and bright colour design may not work so well for an auto body shop. A good example is how technically oriented companies use angular logos to convey speed, while service inspired firms incorporate rounded shapes that display a sense of trust. Whichever format you ultimately choose, a well-designed logo can contribute to a company’s success, while a substandard logo can turn off potential customers by its amateurish appearance.


Another aspect for you to consider is whether to incorporate your company’s name into the logo. There are pros and cons to each consideration according to

• Include the name if it is reasonably distinctive, but not yet a household word.
• Include your name if marketing funds are limited and your goal is to build name recognition.
• Think of all the different ways you plan to use your logo. Picture the smallest size you may need. If the company’s name won’t be readable when the logo is the size of a thumbnail, it may be best to leave it out of the design.
• Do not include the name if it is too generic, too long, doesn’t translate well globally or lacks personality.
• Leave the name out if you must put your logo on a product, such as a sneaker or a handbag.

Colour Scheme

If your company has already established certain colours in its signage and advertising, stay consistent with the colours for any other materials that you might use for promotion. This will allow your customers to mentally link the logo to the company and help it build familiarity. If you have not set a colour scheme yet, do some research on the psychology of colour to appropriately choose the correct colours for your business.


Your branding identity along with a distinct company logo is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle for your business. The more you repeat your message effectively through your company logo, the more dominant and operational it will become in the marketplace.