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Methods for Submitting Artwork

The preferred method for sending us small files (under 10 mb) is by e-mail or for larger files use or they allow you to transfer files for free but the size is limited. If your artwork is larger than 1 gb please use DVD or a USB flash drive.

Depending on the product, the following are recommended for best output:

  • Artwork is actual size in proportion and at least 120 dpi resolution when the art has pictures.
  • Convert all fonts to paths/outlines
  • Reference all Spot/PMS colors
  • Embedded or supply all images files
  • Clearly indicate any Cut/die lines
  • Supply a jpeg or pdf file for layout reference

Kinds Artwork we Accept

Acceptable artwork depends on the product being requested. If you’re looking for vinyl lettering or graphics, then a Vector file format; created in Illustrator or CorelDraw would be best. Printed items can use either Vector or Raster files like in Photoshop would work for production.

Preferred Software Formats

Currently we prefer files created in Illustrator, CorelDraw or Photoshop, they could be saved as their original software format or as EPS and PDF. We also accept TIF, JPEG, PSD and PDF. For more information, please call our graphics department 905-338-7446

Raster vs Vector diagram: