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Awnings, illuminated or not. Awnings can be internally luminated, but typically are not. A popular look is to put gooseneck lighting above the awning to light it up.

Why not get two for the price of one? An awning provides shade and sophistication to your business while advertising your business logo.  Any logo, artwork, or lettering can be applied on awnings and they can be ordered in various colours and materials. The most popular type or awning now is the slope style (straight) with a solid facer (valance) in black sunbrella fabric. With Sunbrella fabric your graphics are painted on. The other type is vinyl awnings, on to which printed vinyl graphics can be applied. Vinyl Awnings are not used as much now as they have a more dated look.

Storefront Awnings

The Classic Slope Style or Traditional Awning

The Classic Awning beautifies doors, windows and storefronts. Classic Awnings are perfect for coffee shops, and ice cream parlors as customers can enjoy eating their treats protected from the rain and sun. For example, you’ll see an awning below for Lemondrop, who is a frozen yogurt company.  In the heat of the summer, many young children and families can be spotted enjoying a frozen yogurt in the shade of the awning. If your business sees a lot of taxi traffic, classic awnings protect customers from the elements, such as snow or rain while they wait for their cab.

Promenade Awnings

Promenade awnings are also known as waterfall awnings and have a rounded top.  These awnings are available with or without side curtains, and the frame is typically made from welded tubular steel or aluminum.  Like all of our commercial signs, there are lots of options to choose from, such as painted frames, rigid valance, loose valance, eggcrate ceiling, backlighting, rounded ends and graphics.

Esquire Dome Awnings

Esquire Dome Awning provides a statement of elegance and class. While Esquire styled awnings aren’t perfect for every business, it does work well with Kopriva Taylor Funeral Home. You’ll often see Dome awnings for spas, small boutiques, a microbrewery and restaurants. One of the most memorable awnings we can remember is the classic show Cheers, which had Esquire Awnings over the windows of their bar that could be seen at the start of every episode. With Esquire Awning, you have the option of getting a rigid valance, (meaning the overhanging ridge bottom is flat) or loose valance, where the bottom ridge is frilled, like in the funeral home sign pictured below.