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The Benefits of having a Professional Storefront

The Benefits of having a Professional Storefront

A professional storefront does a lot for a business in terms of gaining customers and benefits the owner. Window displays can make your products stand out to people passing by, you can get new doors from to help improve the appearance of the store, the signs you use will help boost your branding in the local area, and it is also one of the cheapest ways an owner can increase footfall to his store.

It will give your business the competitive advantage of driving customers to your store over your competitor. Your business locations exterior appearance ultimately decides if a customer will take time from their busy schedule to stop and check out your goods or services. Entice customers with a professional and interesting storefront that encourages them to want to visit your new or re-done building. An effective storefront will attract customers to your store and once they get there your quality customer service will ensure those customers will stop by again.

Your storefront provides an opportunity to promote your companies brand and showcase that you are an expert in your field. Design your storefront with that in mind and ensure that your exterior signs reflect your business accurately and professionally. Your storefront should inform customers what kind of business you are are running and make them want to do business with you.

Storefront advertising needs to be strategically thought out to provide a positive first impression. About Signs Limited has over twenty years’ experience in the sign industry and our team of professionals can work with you to create storefront material that will provide a memorable first impression. A professional storefront will make your store memorable, give you a competitive advantage, inform and attract customers to your locations. Here are some different signage options to create a storefront that will get your location noticed.
Commercial Awning


One storefront option that is becoming increasingly popular is business awnings. Awnings are a productive choice because they provide sophistication and shade to your building, while advertising your store name or logo. They are extremely customizable and can be ordered in various different sizes to fit your unique type of storefront. We can also colour match the awnings to your companies palette and apply any lettering, artwork or logo that you wish. Awnings can also be created from several different materials to help achieve the look and texture your company is going for. The options are endless with awning signs and they always provide a traditionally classic look.
Channel letters

Illuminated Channel or Push Thru Letters

A more modern type of storefront can be created by using illuminated channel or push thru letter. Make a statement with a three dimensional sign that will get noticed at all times of the day. These signs provide heightened visibility because of their lighting. Channel letters have a few lighting options they can either be front lit, back lit, or a combination of both depending on the desired look. You can also compliment your letters with custom logo shapes to add interest to your design. Overall illuminated channel and push thru letters are a fun way to get noticed and attract customers to come visit your location.
Illuminated sign box

Illuminated Sign Boxes

Illuminated sign boxes are a good option if you are planning to update your sign more frequently. This particular type of sign allows for easy graphic changes and can be designed to form fit your logo or text. Similar to the Illuminated Channel and Push Thru letters this type of sign provides heightened visibility and is ideal for attracting attention during the night. These types of signs are a good option for buildings that are father from the street because they can be clearly seen from farther distances.
Window Signage

Window Signage

Window signs are extremely versatile and can provide your storefront with several different design options when decorating the exterior of your business. Add letters, graphics or fancy window designs to your storefront to create a unique and distinctive look. Windows signs will complement your other storefront signs and inform customers more about your products or services. They have the ability to change your boring windows into your own advertising billboards. Some window signs are designed to allow natural light to pass through the sign, which allows your storefront to take advantage of your windows lighting. Explore window signage options to add a unique flare to your storefront.

To create a successful storefront you will need to pick signage that compliments your field of work and will properly represent your company’s brand. It is a good idea to fully explore your options and find a combination that will best suit your locations needs. Here at About Signs, our specialist are prepared to help find the ideal signs for your business, to maximize your storefront visibility. A professional storefront is a profitable investment, it will promote and represent your brand, create public interest, and entice customers into your store. Let us help you create an effective storefront that will have business knocking at your door!