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775 Pacific Rd. Unit #35  Oakville, ON  L6L 6M4

Our service and commitment to the Burlington community

About Signs has been servicing the Burlington area from Burloak Drive to Aldershot, and from the Lakeshore north to Lowville for over 30 years with award winning 5 star results. Just look at our testimonials in Google! Since we are right at Bronte Road, we are practically in Burlington ! Chances are wherever you are in Burlington, you will see some of our signs. Also some of the trucks and trailers driving around with advertising on them too !

Channel letters:

Illuminated Channel letters are three-dimensional text, usually 3-6 inches deep, that can be customized into a variety of fonts, colours and sizes. They are often used as a building’s primary outdoor signage, adorning the storefront or haling bypassers out near the road.

You can read more about channel letters here!

Barbecues Galore

For Barbecues Galore we did some front lit channel letters and an EMC sign on to an existing pylon sign. We replaced the old channel letters with larger and brighter new ones with the new logo. The pylon we refurbished. The upper sign box was changed to add the new logo, we repainted the entire pylon, and replaced the old manual replaceable letters with a new programmable EMC sign for messages and images in full colour.

Barbecues Galore – 3/8” cut acrylic letters pin mounted on building.


Front lit channel letters on a backer panel for a property management company. Property management companies use a lot of signs, and we supply District with all of theirs.

Fantasy Fables – A combination of front lit channel letters with cut acrylic letters

King – Brushed aluminum channel letters, back (halo) lit.

Liz at Home – Halo lit channel letters

Splitsville – See pic of channel letters on a backer panel.

Non-Illuminated Signage

Not every business requires their signage to be illuminated and some storefronts may not have the electrical infrastructure in place to easily accommodate them. In these scenarios, non-illuminated signage can still look professional and attractive.

Learn more about non-illuminated signage

The Follicle - We did an outdoor 3d acrylic letter sign on a backer panel.

Commercial Awnings

Marilus very large vinyl awning with vinyl graphics applied.

Guillevin – outdoor sign. Alupanel with vinyl graphics . Most economical price for an outdoor sign.

Commercial Awnings

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs were given their name because they are freestanding structures that jut up from the ground. Whereas many outdoor signs are affixed to a building – think logos and business names written on storefronts or decorative awnings – pylon signs are usually positioned at the front of the lot. Though it’s rare for pylon signs to be the only outdoor signage identifying a business, they tend to make terrific complementary assets.

Read more about pylon signs here

990 Fraser

EMC Signs

Let’s say you have an organization or business that wants to mark its location in the neighbourhood and also get a message out to a passersby. An electronic message center (EMC) sign would be a perfect fit. These illuminated signs offer you the chance to present a written message to the public all day and all night, while still providing an easy to see marker of where you are situated.

Read more about EMC Signs here

Barbecue Galore

EMC sign on pylon in full colour. They can show words, or images. Also see testimonial from them above

Trailer Graphics / Wraps

Trailer graphics let you turn something functional – your trailer – into a great marketing tool. By showcasing your business name, logo and important information, you can draw eyes and earn customers spontaneously or through word of mouth.

Read more about Trailer Graphics here

CIP Commercial and Industrial painting we put logos on their pickup truck and logo with graphics on their trailer.

Window signs and digital printing

Many businesses fail to capitalize on the advertising potential of their windows, even though windows are a great space to communicate key messages to potential customers outside of a store. You can make use of this space by contacting About Signs to discuss your ideas for window signs, and receive a quote for the project you have in mind.

Learn more about window signs.

marilus is cut vinyl graphics on top and bottom of the window. We also put window tint vinyl on the inside

We did many window graphics with perforated vinyl so that you can see out, but not in. Also we put up a push through sign seen in the picture.

Custom Awnings

Awnings are simple, inexpensive outdoor signs that lend a timeless sophistication to any establishment. They serve both decorative and functional purposes, making them a popular choice for businesses that serve customers outside their building. Storefront awnings are fully customizable, with the capacity to feature unique designs and lettering.

Learn more about custom awnings.

Marilus very large vinyl awning with vinyl graphics applied.