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Car Decals and Added Benefits of Street Advertising

Car Decals and Added Benefits of Street Advertising

If you have a company fleet, or perhaps even just your own vehicle that you use in your sole proprietorship, you may have wondered if there are any benefits to using car decals to promote your business while you’re on the go. Does street advertising really help businesses?

We would argue that it does! There are all kinds of benefits for using car decals to promote one’s business, and the following list is just a few of them:

  1. Take your advertising to the people. These days most folks are so bombarded with television, radio and online advertising that they tend to tune it out. But a well-designed car decal is something they may take notice of.
  2. Eye-catching. Car decals can be custom made for your business with any colours or designs that you can think of. This makes them a great tool for getting you and your business noticed.
  3. Local advertising. If your business is local, you don’t want to spend a lot of advertising dollars on a market that you aren’t trying to capture. By using car decals, you are promoting your business directly to a local audience.
  4. People recognize you and your business as part of the community. This goes hand in hand with local advertising. Since you probably use your vehicle for activities other than business, having decals on your car will also show others that you are also part of their community. For example, people may see your vehicle at the local farmers’ market or outside of other small businesses in your city. This may make them more likely to want to support your business.
  5. Pay once, advertise forever. Unlike radio or billboard ads that you buy on contract and lose when the contract expires, car decals are a one-time investment and – since you own them – you can use them for as long as you like.
  6. Television and radio and other forms of media can eat into your advertising budget. Most small business owners find car decals to be quite affordable by comparison.
  7. Easy to change and remove. While car decals are meant to last a long time, you can also change them as frequently as you like. For example, if your company has won an award or is celebrating an important anniversary, you may want to change your decals temporarily to show that. The fact that they are easily changeable is also an advantage for those that may not want to commit to a full vehicle wrap.
  8. Build your brand. Car decals are not only about advertising, they can also help you build a strong brand. For example, if you are in the contracting business – you will give your customers a much nicer impression of your business if your vehicles all tie in with the brand of your company rather than just having plain generic vehicles.

If you have a business, you know that advertising and a strong brand are important. Using well-designed car decals has many benefits and helps you accomplish this. Call About Signs in Oakville Ontario today. We can help you achieve the way you want your vehicle graphics to look, with custom vehicle graphics printing and installation.

Before looking into car decals, make sure you purchase the right vehicle for your business. When purchasing your company car, make sure you look into auto insurance or business insurance that will cover your company car. If you’re interested in getting a company car, take a look at these Insurance Quotes for coverage.

If you don’t have a fleet of vehicles in your company, you can get leased vehicles, like vans and pickups from Intelligent Van Leasing in the UK.