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Car Paint Job in Toronto Cost vs. Vinyl

Car Paint Job in Toronto Cost vs. Vinyl

You’re looking for a way to add branding to your vehicle. Maybe you even want to change the look of your everyday car. The car paint job in Toronto costs can be significant. Vinyl provides an alternative.

Cars with decals are fairly common on today’s roads. Unlike what some people assume, these decals aren’t painted on. Gone are the days of hiring an artist for painstaking and expensive airbrush work. Vinyl wrap logos and cars with decals are quickly done, affordable, and the vinyl will last for years when installed by professionals.

Forget the car paint job in Toronto costs. Vinyl is the modern solution to add branding or completely change the look of a vehicle.

Car Paint Job in Toronto Cost is Worth the Investment

Traditional painting is rarely done for branding and personal designs in the automotive industry. The modern solution is to use vinyl. There are several reasons for this.

  • Painting is labour intensive and requires highly skilled and specialized professionals. There are few left who can do it.
  • Paint isn’t as durable as vinyl.
  • The car paint job in Toronto costs would be too high to justify the investment. Vinyl decals are more detailed, faster to produce, and most would agree that they look better.

Vinyl allows more freedom of customization, a lower overall cost, and better results. You can even wrap an entire car rather than repainting it, making vinyl the most versatile automotive visual customization option today.

Highly Trained Professionals Know How to Install Car Window Decals the Right Way

Henry Ford once famously said that “You can have any colour, as long as it is black.” He was talking about the Ford Model T. It wasn’t long before his company was offering custom finishes and a range of stock colours on vehicles. Today, it’s expected.

But more than just changing the colour, you can now add graphics, text, or even complete vinyl wrap logos to cars. Just as long as you have the right professionals.

In the days where airbrushing and even hand-painting were common, adding paint to glass was pretty much out of the question. Today, our technicians know how to install car window decals that will last for years. These decals can be printed in full colour with branding or any graphics and text that you need.

We even know how to install car window decals that you can see through! Perforated vinyl looks solid from the outside but from within the car, you can have a full view of the road. Decals can be applied to all windows except the front and front-side windows.

We know how to install car window decals that capture attention. If you’re aiming to market your brand, then we’ll create a design that gets you noticed out there on the road. We also know how to install car window decals that last. Most vinyl wraps and decals can last up to seven years in normal conditions.

Trust the team at About Signs Limited to design, engineer, and install the best decals and vinyl wrap logos in Southwestern Ontario.

Vinyl Wrap Logos are Easier to Design and Apply

There’s not as much labour involved when applying vinyl wrap logos compared to paint. However, you still need skilled professionals for great results. The more experienced the installer, the longer vinyl wrap logos will last, and the better they will look.

While we offer full car wraps and partial wraps, many of our customers only need a few simple logos or maybe even some lettering on their vehicles. We can customize our service to suit your needs. Whether it’s large vinyl wrap logos for your commercial vehicles or smaller vinyl stickers for numbering a fleet and adding regulatory information, we will work with you to create a custom solution.

We can also produce and install vinyl wrap logos, stickers, and even stripes for personal cars.

Why Should You Customimze Cars with Decals?

Cars with decals are popular with both private owners and commercial businesses. Not for profit and government groups also make extensive use of cars with decals.

  • Emergency service vehicles are common examples of cars with decals.
  • Commercial vehicles (tradespeople, delivery vehicles, etc.) use decals for branding.
  • Company cars often feature decals for some efficient and low-cost branding while out on the road.
  • Private track cars used for racing often feature decals for competition numbering, sponsor logos, and slogans.
  • You can use decals on a personal car to add customization.

Cars with decals are much more common than full wraps (either with graphics or solid colours). But, there’s no real right or wrong way to use automotive vinyl. Whether you’re interested in personal customization, branding, or a solid colour wrap that covers every panel, you can get started with About Signs Limited.

The car paint job in Toronto cost is high. You can go with vinyl as an alternative in many cases, and get great value for your money.