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How Often Should I Be Changing my Vehicle Wraps?

How Often Should I Be Changing my Vehicle Wraps?

Using vehicle wraps can be a great way to promote your business. When you decide to get your vehicle (or fleet of vehicles) wrapped with something that represents your company brand, you are essentially giving your company eye-catching mobile billboards that can reach a wide audience. But you may be wondering how long your vehicle wrap will last you or how often you should change it.

Caring for Your Vehicle Wrap

While vehicle wraps usually come with warrantees of several years, mishaps can happen. Dings and scratches can occur – and if you’re wrap is a representation of your brand, then it is important to get these dings and scratches repaired as soon as you can.

The adhesive used in vinyl vehicle wraps is extremely strong, but in some circumstances, it is possible for it to lift. If this happens, be sure to call us for a repair so that you can keep your company vehicles looking pristine.

Additionally, caring for your wrap by keeping your vehicle clean can help to prevent some scratches from occurring in the first place. While handwashing is the safest option for vinyl wraps, touchless car washes are also ok. (Avoid automatic car washes with brushes as this can dull the images on your wrap.)

A vinyl vehicle wrap that has been professionally applied can last you several years – often the wrap will last longer than the car itself! But that doesn’t mean you should never change it.

Brand Updates

Most companies go through brand updates every few years. Just like you would change your traditional signage following a brand update, it is also important to change your vehicle wraps. Since consistency is one of the keys to strong brand messaging, it is important that the advertising on your vehicles provides your audience with your most current branding messages.

Information Updates

Another reason you may want to change your vehicle wrap is if your current ones have old information or are lacking some current information. For example, have you added a new service or started serving a new community since you installed your vehicle wraps? If so, it might be time for an update.

Applying new vehicle wraps with the updated information may just help you attract new business!

It’s Time for a Change

Sometimes you should change your vehicle wrap for the simple reason to avoid audience exhaustion. You have no doubt had the experience of seeing the same billboard over and over for an extended period of time – or hearing the same radio ad over and over. The result is that you begin to tune these ads out. The same can happen with any type of advertising – including vehicle wraps.

When you change your vehicle wrap – perhaps adding a new splash of colour or an intriguing new graphic – it helps to keep your audience from getting bored. And it helps to keep them engaged with your message. Whether you are considering getting vehicle wraps for the first time, or whether you are ready to replace your old ones, you can trust About Signs for a quality job. Contact us today for a quote.