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Lit Up Signs Bring Your Brand to Life

Illuminated letters leave a lasting impression and get your brand noticed. Whether you are looking for lit up signs for marketing, for a building lobby, or even for a trade show or other event, About Signs Limited will design, deliver, and install the most attractive lit up letters at a competitive price.

Learn about the advantages of lit up signs for both front and back lit letters, your design options, and get a no-obligation quote from our design team today.


Where are Light Up Letters Used?

Backlit light up letters can be used anywhere that you need to improve your branding. Our clients have successfully used light up letters for outdoor storefronts, as components of larger monument signs or pylon signs, and as indoor signs for commercial spaces. Lobbies, receptions, waiting areas, and building foyers are perfect for attractive light up letters.

If you are in a multi-tenant commercial building, you can install light up letters directly opposite your main door or outside of your elevators. High-end showrooms are improved with our illuminated signage. Conference rooms can be branded with backlit light up letters to reinforce a company name and brand message.

Trade show stands can be made more attractive with custom signage and backlit letters. We can create custom signboards that you can easily disassemble and transport between different venues. If you want to improve the look of your business from outside, attract new patrons or simply tell your customers where you are, we can install exterior signage using attractive light up letters. The depth of channel letters combined with halo or diffused rear lighting can set you apart from your competition. There’s no almost limit on where our illuminated letters can be used.

Advantages of Modern Backlit Signs over Traditional Neon Letters

Traditional neon letters worked to create attractive and highly legible signage indoors and outdoors. Modern signs use LED lighting but have a similar impact with some notable improvements.

Neon letters are power-hungry and are typically expensive to run. Damaged neon letters tubes are cumbersome and costly to replace. Our LED lighting solutions provide improved brightness and more colour options covering almost the entire visible light spectrum. LED lighting arrays can be programmed to be solid, pulsing, flowing, and we can even give you a system where you can cycle the colours if necessary.

LED letters last longer than neon letters and are less costly to replace. All of this can benefit your bottom line.

We Make the Best Lit Up Signs in Southwestern Ontario

Get the most reliable lit up signs at a competitive price when you work with About Signs Limited.

We serve customers throughout Toronto and the GTA, and many key locations in Southwestern Ontario, including Hamilton and Niagara. Talk to us today and experience our industry-leading customer service and get a flawless backlit sign that helps you to reach your business branding goals.

The Advantages of Illuminated Letters for Backlit Signs

Lit up signs and their brightly illuminated letters create an impact that few other sign types can compete with.
Our custom lit up signs offer advantages that include:

  • Durability for any installation. You can install illuminated letters inside or outside. Our signage is made to be durable regardless of the placement or weather conditions.

With new lit up signs, you’ll find that your brand has never looked better. You can get started with the design consultation process today. Simply contact us now for your illuminated letters quote.

  • All of our lit up signs are guaranteed defect-free.
  • The process from design to installation is fast, ensuring that you can get your branding on track. Most signs are professionally installed in a single day, and overall lead times are typically less than 14 working days from your go-ahead to completion.
  • There are extensive colour and finish options available, with durable metal materials that make your illuminated letters stand out.

Customization Options for Lit Up Letters and Logos

We can bring your branding vision to life with impressive lit up letters that promote your brand indoors or outdoors. There are extensive customization options available to you, including backlighting style, finishes, fonts, and colours.

    • Letters can be painted in any standard colour, or we can colour match your branding or any commercially available paint that you choose.
    • Acrylic letters can be layered for impressive depth and volume. We can create large channel letters in acrylic or metal to suit your brand identity.

If you can imagine it, chances are that we can make it into an attractive sign to promote your business. Contact us today to get started with the best lit up letters in Southwestern Ontario.

  • Most clients prefer halo lit up letters. Illuminated letters sit around 1 to 2 inches from the wall surface or custom backing board.
  • Edge-lit signs are a growing trend. Acrylic backers create a soft glow effect that is subtle but visually beautiful. Edge lighting from the back of 3D letters is excellent for interiors.
  • Popular material options for lit up letters include stainless steel and aluminum. Both metals are incredibly durable and visually striking. Finishes can be brushed, polished, or even painted. Specialty options like brass and copper can be ordered.