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Front Lit Channel Letters for Memorable Signage

Imagine your company name lit up in bright letters that attract your customers and keep your brand memorable. This is exactly what you can achieve with front lit channel letters from About Signs Limited.

Light up letters draws attention to your signage, giving your brand the exposure that it needs to increase your market mindshare. Lighted letters ensure that your company name is seen day or night, whether it’s on your storefront, a monument sign, or even a pylon sign out on the roadside.

Learn how About Signs Limited will create the most attractive front lit channel letters that help you to achieve your marketing goals.


What are Front Lit Channel Letters?

Channel letters are among the most impactful forms of business signage that you can invest in today. These are three-dimensional letters that extrude from the sign backing, creating a real sense of depth and drama.

The sides are metal, typically aluminum, ensuring long durability and weatherproofing. To make your business signage even more impressive, you can invest in front lit channel letters. These letters are lit from within and feature an opaque face to allow light to shine through.

The acrylic front can be coloured any hue to get the perfect colour match for your existing branding. Unlike halo letters and back lit letters, front lit channel letters glow across the whole face, making them more legible from a distance and in low light conditions. Your brand will shine bright with front lit channel letters from About Signs Limited, and you can start to explore your design options today.

We offer no-obligation quotes so that you can move ahead quickly with your upcoming signage project.

How Efficient are Lighted Letters?

Cost is always a concern when it comes to long-term investments in your business. Our efficient LED lighted letters can help to reduce your recurring costs by keeping energy consumption low. Compared to incandescent and CFL bulbs, LED lighting uses up to 75% less energy.

Modern lighted letters are far more efficient and much more affordable over the long term than older designs.LED lighted letters are also brighter and last much longer than traditional solutions. A sign that is illuminated for up to seven hours each day could go for up to ten years without service for the lighting.

If you want to save money and reduce the carbon footprint of your business, LED lighted letters are the way to go. Talk to us today to start designing impressive signage that literally lights up your brand.

Front Lit Logos and Graphics

Front lit channel letters are perfect for your company name, but what if you want to include your logo or graphics.

We have a solution for this too. The same internal lighting technology can be used for front lit logos that stand out.

Front lit logos are recreated on heavy-duty opaque acrylic in your brand colours. Simple logos with clear geometry and images work best for front lit logos. If your logo is more complex, or if you want to include full-colour graphics or poster style images, we can create custom light box signs and incorporate them into your signage.

A light box logo looks impressive next to custom light up letters. From front lit logos to custom light boxes, we are the best signage company to choose from in Southwestern Ontario. Vibrant colours, bright signs, and memorable impressions with your audience are exactly what you’ll get with our defect-free commercial signs.

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Get a Quote for Custom Light Up Letters in Southwestern Ontario

Light up letters and graphics are ideal any time that you want to grow your brand and bring more attention to your storefront or commercial property. We also create custom light up letters and front lit logos for organizations like schools, sports clubs, government buildings, and non-profit groups.

About Signs Limited creates light up signs for a diverse range of businesses in Southwestern Ontario. From Niagara to Hamilton, Toronto and Mississauga and Oakville, the GTA, and nearby areas, we are trusted by leading brands including Tim Hortons and Mercedes Benz.

Get your custom light up letters from a team that understands the importance of memorable branding. Contact us today for front lit channel letters and graphics that set you apart in your market.

    Consider all the benefits that you will enjoy with custom light up letters:

  • Increased readability in all conditions.
  • Extensive design options including size, shape, colour, font, and materials.
  • Cost-efficient LED lights that last longer than traditional lighting.
  • Extensive mounting options including direct storefront mounting, sign backing (interior and exterior), monument, and pylon sign mounting.
  • Maximum exposure for your brand to generate more interest and drive sales.