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Halo Lit LED Letters Help Your Business Stand Out

Eye-catching signage is the best way to make a positive first impression on your potential customers. The right sign will attract attention, direct people to your business, and help you to secure the first interaction that leads to a sale and a lifetime of loyalty.

About Signs Limited can help your business to get noticed with impressive halo lit LED letters designed to maximize your brand impact. Learn about this commercial signage option and get your obligation-free quote today.


What is the Cost of Halo Lit LED Letters?

The cost of halo letters can vary depending on the size of your signs, the materials used, and the overall design. We are a cost-competitive signage company that never compromises on quality or visual impact.

If you have an idea for a storefront sign or want to get started with our halo lit LED letters design team, you can get your quote today with no obligation to order.

What Are Halo Lit Sign Letters?

Halo lit LED letters, also known as halo lit sign letters or simply halo letters, are attractive outdoor signs where the illumination comes from behind the letters, and projects back onto a wall or signboard. Unlike traditional neon signage and lightboxes, these letters appear to glow and pop out when seen at nighttime.

Halo lit sign letters can use channel letters but incorporate a unique lighting solution. Channel letters are deep, create an impressive 3D effect, and pop out in the daytime and the evening when combined with a halo, lit lighting solution.

Halo lit sign letters can also be used for shallower lettering. If you don’t want or need large and deep channel letters, we can add lighting to otherwise non-illuminated letter faces for an impressive glowing effect.

Efficiency Improvements with Halo Lit Signs

Halo lit signs are more efficient than traditional signage because they use advanced LED technology for an eye-catching lighting effect. LED diodes emit more light than traditional solutions while using less energy. They can last for tens of thousands of hours, therefore reducing the maintenance and upkeep costs of your halo lit signs.

If you want a branding solution that both stands out and keeps your operating costs low, halo lit signs are an ideal choice. You can talk to us today to get your quote and begin the halo lit signs design process.

Can Halo Letters Be Applied to Uneven Walls?

Halo letters look best on flat surfaces. Getting the right kind of lighting on uneven surfaces like shingles, wood panels, or corrugated metal can be particularly challenging. If you don’t have a flat surface for your halo letters, we can design and install a backing so that you get the best results.

As a full-service sign company that designs and manufactures our signage in-house, we have solutions to any challenge. If you love the glowing look of halo letters, we’ll make sure that you can use them at your place of business.

We Install Halo Lit LED Letters for Any Business

Halo lit sign letters are particularly popular in the hospitality industry. Restaurants, cafés, bars, and night clubs have embraced this style of attractive and efficient signage. Hotels, motels, conference centers, and multi-use commercial buildings also use halo letters. There are no rules as to where and when you can use this type of signage. We can design an attractive sign no matter your business niche or location.

We create halo lit LED letters in Oakville, Toronto, Hamilton and nearby areas of Southwestern Ontario. Contact us now to get started with one of the best investments you can make in your business marketing.

The Benefits of Halo Lit Letters

The ultimate goal of your signage is to advertise your business. Halo lit letters do this in one of the most impactful ways. You’ll enjoy several benefits when you choose custom halo lit letters from About Signs.

  • Your signage will be brighter and more noticeable. Halo lit letters are highly legible, even from a distance or during inclement weather.
  • Halo lit sign letters are energy efficient and cost less to run and maintain when compared to traditional sign lighting.

Most importantly, custom halo lit letters can give your business the branding that it needs. If you want to stand out in your market or create a better first impression in a busy commercial location, About Signs Limited is ready to help.

  • You can customize with deep channel letters or shallower 3D letters to get the aesthetic you’re looking for.
  • Halo lit letters are ideal for most materials, including metal signage. Highly polished reflective letters will stand out in the day and then transform to halo lit letters at night.
  • Size, lettering style, and depth can be fully customized to reflect your existing branding.