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Charity Car Wash Signs

As the weather warms up and we can finally say so long to winter, a number of community groups and charitable organizations will be looking to raise funds for their efforts with car washes. You’ll see a number of charity car washes in the spring, which look to capitalize on drivers who have yet to give their vehicles a thorough cleaning after the winter. And now that all the salt, sand, and slush are off the roads, drivers are more willing to spend money on a wash, free from the worry that their car will get dirty within moments of pulling back onto the street.

Charity Car Wash Signs

While there may be cars out there in need of a wash, it can be hard to grab the attention of drivers while they’re out on the road. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your car wash signs if you want to attract the eyes of passing motorists.

Make it Colourful

A black and white sign may fade into its surroundings and be easy to miss. Unless, of course, you have a Stormtrooper holding the sign.

Barring that, it’s a good idea to use colour in your charity car wash sign to make sure drivers will take notice. And even if you can’t dress up like a Star Wars character, you can always add some colour to the wardrobe of whoever is holding your sign.

Direct Drivers

When you’re behind the wheel, one of the most eye-catching signs you can encounter is an arrow. They usually direct drivers through construction zones or around accidents. You can use an arrow in your car wash sign to garner attention and direct drivers to the lot or space where you’re holding your car wash.

Use Big, Legible Printing

Because your potential customers for the day are going to be driving, you want to give them ample notice of your services. If a driver sees your sign only at a close range from your car wash location, he or she may not have the ability to slow down and turn in safely. To help drivers see and read your sign from a greater distance, words and numbers should be large and legible.

Get your Main Points Across

Since you’re likely going to rely on human beings holding your sign, it can’t be too big. With that limited amount of real estate on your sign, you need to communicate the essential points to passing drivers. State that it’s a charity car wash, and show the price. Details about which organization will receive the charitable donations and how they will use them can be conveyed person-to-person once the driver has stopped.

Additional Materials

If you’re holding a charity car wash, you might want to use some printed materials other than just a sign. For example, you could give each driver who comes into your car wash area a voucher for the wash, with details on it about the organization that will receive the money raised from the event. Some other basic promotional materials that highlight the work of the organization might be good to have on hand as well.

If you’re planning a charity car wash and need an eye-catching sign, contact us to see how we can customize one for you.