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Choosing the Right Type of Car Graphics for Your Business

Choosing the Right Type of Car Graphics for Your Business

Car graphics can turn an ordinary commercial fleet into a powerful mobile marketing tool. When your commercial vehicles feature auto graphics, you’ll strengthen your brand and engage your target audience.

Choosing the right types of car graphics can be challenging without a few tips. Beyond the type of graphics you should choose, you’ll also need to consider factors like the layout and even your budget.

About Signs Limited offers the best auto graphics and custom car wraps throughout Southwestern Ontario. You can follow this guide to make things simple once you’re ready to get started on your project.

How Much of the Car Should You Cover?

If you’re considering a single car or an entire fleet, you’ll need to consider how much of your vehicles should be adorned with graphics.

This is an important part of the design process because the size of your graphics could influence how much information you can convey on the road.

Generally, the bigger you go, the better the visibility and engagement will be, but this isn’t ideal for every business.

  • Large graphics and full custom car wraps are ideal if you want a big and bold advertising message with maximum branding. This works great for construction firms, retail companies, tradespeople, and in other industries where you are looking for versatile mobile marketing.
  • Half wraps can be just as effective, and you can cut down on cost. You’ll still have plenty of space for images, text, and your company colours.
  • If you simply want your cars to be identifiable with some branding, you can use door signs, decals, and even magnetic stickers are available.

Ultimately, the choice is entirely up to you. It’s important that your vehicles match your overall marketing style. Some businesses want a more subtle presence out on the road, while others want the visibility and branding to be as loud as possible.

We can help you to make the right decision on car graphics by offering design concepts and examples of our previous work. You can even browse some of our previous car graphics projects here.

Options for Auto Graphics Decals

Auto graphics are available as vinyl graphics and magnetic stickers/decals.

Vinyl graphic decals are weather resistant and can be as simple or as complex as you desire. They are professionally applied to your vehicles by our team. You can choose vinyl auto graphics for smaller decals and lettering, right through to full and partial wraps.

Magnetic stickers/decals are durable but have the advantage of being removable. Size is limited and these are applied to single panels. Magnetic auto graphics are typically applied on doors to immediately add branding to a vehicle. They can be printed with lettering and graphics.

The secret advantage of magnetic stickers is that you can immediately transform any vehicle into a company vehicle. These are often used for mixed personal/professional vehicles. When not used for official business, the magnetic stickers can be removed and stored.

Full Custom Car Wraps

Vehicle wraps or custom car wraps are the ultimate forms of mobile branding. There’s nothing that’s as eye-catching or as effective as full vehicle graphics. With high-resolution printing on vinyl, it’s possible to add detailed graphics and text that get noticed on the road, or anywhere that your vehicles are parked.

Custom car wraps are used for the same purpose as our decals and magnets – they advertise your business. With the versatility to create more detailed designs, you can have your vehicle fully aligned with your other marketing materials.

Unlike basic decals and magnets, full and partial custom car wraps can also cover windows. For windows, we apply perforated vinyl. From the outside, this vinyl looks solid and the colours, text, and images are perfectly represented. From the inside, perforated vinyl provides visibility and allows light through. In addition to providing branding, perforated vinyl can also provide some security by obscuring the cargo of vans and trucks.

Making the Right Decision on Car Graphics

To get the most from your investment it’s important to have a detailed consultation with an expert. We can provide detailed estimates for car graphics projects.

There are some key questions and thoughts that you can consider before beginning the consultation process.

  • What is your ideal budget? This will determine the type and size of car graphics suited to you.
  • What is the purpose of the branding? If it’s primary advertising, a full or partial wrap is best.
  • What information do you want to share? More information requires a bigger “canvas”.
  • What is your target audience? Some more discerning markets appreciate subtle branding.
  • What do you prefer? At the end of the day, your preference matters. If you want big and bold graphics and text, then that’s what you should aim for.

We will help you to decide based on our experience and the options available within your budget. With expert design and graphics professionals, you’ll have all the support you need.

Start your project today. Talk to the team at About Signs Limited and make an investment in car graphics that helps you to market your business in Southwestern Ontario.