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Christmas mall displays and signs

We’re getting into that time of year when Santa Claus appears in shopping malls to hear wish lists from the young and the young-at-heart. The décor from one mall to the next will vary, but you can expect the traditional Christmas items to be displayed prominently: trees, lights, and usually a big chair for Santa to sit on. In addition to the holiday pieces, Christmas displays in malls will need signage for both aesthetics and utility.


Highlighting the display

To attract shoppers, parents, and families to the Christmas display, there needs to be  signage incorporated into the display itself, as well as signage around the rest of the mall to direct visitors to the display. For the display itself, a large sign that says “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” can be placed prominently to garner the attention of nearby shoppers.

To ensure that shoppers who may be moving around parts of the mall further away from the holiday display know where to find Santa, signs that incorporate arrows are a simple but effective way of informing them.

In lieu of arrows, other signs can be posted around the mall, primarily near the mall’s entrances, that let shoppers know where the Christmas display is, and what hours it will be open. Even Santa needs an occasional break, so it’s a considerate service to inform mall visitors just when they can bring their kids (or themselves) to see him.

Signs for photos

One of the reasons why parents bring their kids to see Santa at the mall is to get a photo with the man himself. Some malls have professional photographers set up to take shots of Santa and his visitors, while others rely on the public bringing their own cameras. In either case, the area where Santa sits with his visitors is prime real estate for signage. The area above Santa’s seat can house a sign with his name on it. Such signs are usually painted in colours that fit in with the rest of the Christmas mall display.

A number of displays have incorporated “North Pole” signs as well. These signs can be placed above Santa’s chair, or off to the side of the display. Signs that read “North Pole” or “Santa’s Workshop” add to the décor and the atmosphere of the display.

Wayfinding signs

Signs can also be used to help guide visitors around the Christmas display. At busy shopping malls, it’s especially useful to have enter and exit signage to help keep people moving in an orderly fashion. Without those kind of wayfinding signs, parents and kids could amass together around the display and make it hard for other shoppers to make their way around.

The exit signage at the display can also be used to deliver a goodbye message to the kids and their families. A sign that reads “See you next year” encourages families to return to the mall again in the future and either start or carry on a tradition of seeing Santa Claus.

If your store plans on doing a holiday display, About Signs can help with custom signs that can be used year after year.  Similarly, we can also create indoor banners, or magnetic vehicle signs for you to display your holiday spirit.