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How To Use Your Commercial Awning As A Branding Tool

How to Use Your Commercial Awning as a Branding Tool

When it comes to remaining competitive in your industry, marketing is crucial. While spending money on social media marketing is important, it’s still necessary to market the outside of your business, too. Commercial awnings can help provide the solution!

Shade and Advertising in One Product

Although awnings have traditionally been used for weather protection, they can also be used as an effective advertising tool.

Whatever type of logo, artwork or lettering you would like displayed, awnings become the perfect canvas! Available in a rainbow of colours and material options, awnings present a wonderful opportunity to have your business stand out from your competition.

Plus, a branded awning instantly adds professionalism and value to your shop and shows that you care about the exterior of your business. You can contact a specialist in the awning industry to see what they can do for you, such as ICL, who can provide an Independent Cut Length for your business.

Increase Your Business’ Foot Traffic with a Business Awning

Looking for new ways to attract potential customers who are walking by your storefront? Or, do you want to be more easily recognized by customers who are looking for your location?

Whatever type of customer you’re trying to attract, having an awning with your business’ logo displayed makes your business easily recognizable. Compare your storefront to other businesses on your street; now picture how much more your business would stand out if you had a branded awning!

Commercial Awnings are Available in a Range of Styles

When choosing an awning for your storefront, the classic slopestyle with a solid facer (valance) in black Sunbrella fabric is one of the most popular styles. This type of traditional awning adds sophistication to your storefront and is built to withstand all types of weather.

Two other awning styles are promenade and esquire dome. Also known as waterfall awnings, promenade awnings have a rounded top and a steel or aluminum frame. Options involved with promenade awnings include painted frames, rigid valance, loose valance, eggcrate ceiling and rounded ends.

Great for businesses such as spas, small boutiques and restaurants, esquire dome awnings are another style option that adds elegance and class to your storefront.

Choose from having a rigid valance, where the overhanging ridge bottom is flat, or a loose valance, where the bottom ridge is frilled.

Choosing the Type of Material for Your Commercial Awning’s Branding

After choosing a suitable awning type for your business, next is deciding on the type of material for your graphic!

The Sunbrella fabric makes it easy for any graphic to be painted on to maximize your store-front visibility – while keeping your storefront looking very professional.

Vinyl, a less popular option, involves printed vinyl graphics directly onto the awning. However, due to the more dated look that is created by vinyl graphics, this type of material is no longer as popular.

Whether it’s to increase your storefront’s attractiveness, enhance your business’ visibility or attract new customers, branded business awnings are a great investment! Contact us today for more information.