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Common Questions About Vehicle Wraps

Common Questions About Vehicle Wraps

If you, or your organization, have been contemplating a custom paint job for your company vehicle, maybe it’s time to think differently and consider a vehicle wrap. Nothing catches attention quite like a beautiful vehicle wrap.

When used for advertising your company, custom wraps don’t just look good, but they’re also an excellent investment for advertising!  They come in a wide variety of cast vinyl from the world’s top car wrap film manufacturers. They include everything from standard matte black, satins, chromes, camouflages and more.

Here are a few of the most common questions regarding a vehicle wrap.

What is a vehicle wrap?

  • A vehicle wrap is a special vinyl that is wrapped around your car. The fit is airtight and resembles a custom paint job. Wraps come in all different shapes, sizes and available in a variety of styles and finishes.
  • Vehicle wraps can also consist of printed designs containing imagery, photos, graphics, or branded elements to represent a business or group. They can also act as accents on vehicles with features like trim, spoilers, hoods, roofs, and trunks. The possibilities are truly endless.

How much do vehicle wraps cost?

  • Every vehicle and application are different. Price really depends on the scope of your vehicle wrap project. The costliest would be a complete wrap that includes door jambs, inner door frames and sills. This level of vehicle coverage is recommended for those who desire a full colour change. Lesser costs would consist of partial wraps without jambs, frames and sills.

Does a vehicle wrap damage your paint?

  • No, if done correctly by experienced staff in the technique, your paint will not be damaged.  If installed improperly your vehicle’s paint might get damaged from razor blade scratches and poor adhesion that ultimately leads to wrap failure. Also, if the wrong type of film is used during the application, it can strip your paint and cause serious damage. Always have a wrap installed by a professional organization.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

  • Vehicle Wrap lifespan really depends on how well the film is cared for, how much day to day stress the wrap gets from road driving, and what quality of film was used to do the installation. Some films last longer than others, and the thicker they are, the more damage they can take. If cared for properly, a wrap can survive five years or more.

Can you remove vehicle wraps?

  • Absolutely. While it’s a bit of a tedious process to undertake, vehicle wraps can be removed.

How long does a vehicle wrap take to install?

  • Turnaround time can be as short as a week or less depending on complexity. Stripes, graphics and accent pieces can typically be completed in 24-72 hours. At About Signs we can complete a full wrap for you within 1 business day!

Paint vs. wrap: which is more cost-effective?

  • There are pros and cons to both; however, a high-quality paint job will cost just as much if not more than a high-quality wrap. A wrap can be removed easily and doesn’t run the risk of inconsistencies that come with a cheap paint job. It can increase the resale value of the vehicle to prospective buyers if they plan on keeping it wrapped.

What happens if my wrap gets damaged?

  • There are a few courses of action that can be taken depending on where the damage occurred and how extensive it is. The worst-case scenario, the wrap must be removed entirely, but ordinarily, the damaged section can be replaced with a new piece of film that was left over from your installation.

Advertising Wraps Work!

For promoting your business in a cost-effective and attractive manner, there is no doubt that vehicle advertising wraps work. Your message is on display 24/7 365 days a year to flash your company or organization’s message.