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Common Questions Answered by Your Local Awning Specialist

Common Questions Answered by Your Local Awning Specialist

Common Questions Answered by Your Local Awning Specialist

About Signs Limited is a full-service signage company offering everything from outdoor signs and storefront signs to custom awnings for businesses. If you’re looking for a local awning specialist, you’ll find that our team offers a competitive service from Niagara Falls right through to the Greater Toronto Area.

Whether you’re looking for a quote on window awning prices, or if you want to start designing custom event awnings, our team is ready to deliver. Here are some of the most common questions with answers from your local awning specialist.

Does Sunbrella Awning Cost More Than Vinyl?

Sunbrella awning costs are competitive with vinyl, although when comparing like-for-like at the same size, Sunbrella awning costs are typically a little higher.

The price difference between vinyl cost and Sunbrella awning cost isn’t usually the main deciding factor for our customers. Because vinyl and Sunbrella awning costs are quite comparable, it’s the aesthetic that most people consider.

Sunbrella offers a more traditional aesthetic, like canvas, but with increased durability. If you want a more traditional look, it’s worth paying a little extra to meet the Sunbrella awning cost.

Which Factors Affect Window Awning Prices?

Window awnings can provide an enhanced aesthetic as well as weather protection for your commercial premises. Window awning prices vary depending on several key factors.

  • Window awning prices come down mostly to the size and shape of the awning. The larger the awning, the higher the price.
  • Window awning prices are also affected by the choice of materials. Vinyl awnings are usually slightly cheaper than Sunbrella.
  • The complexity of the frame and the materials needed can also affect window awning prices.

There’s no simple formula for window awning prices. Each project is a little different. You can get a quote from About Signs Limited, your local awning specialist, to learn about the cost of your unique project.

What are Window Awning Frames Made Of?

Window awning frames need to be lightweight, but resilient to the weather. Weight is an important factor because if window awning frames are too heavy, they could damage the exterior siding or cladding material.

Aluminum and steel are the materials used for window awning frames. Steel is heavier but incredibly durable, and is better suited to larger installations. Aluminum is lightweight but offers best-in-class corrosion resistance. Both materials can provide adequate strength to prevent bending and other deformation of a window awning frame in high winds.

You will get the best window awning frames when you choose About Signs Limited. We’ll work with you to understand the unique needs of your project, and will recommend a material based on the size of the awning, and where it will be installed.

Is it Possible to Order Custom Event Awnings?

Temporary event awnings are an effective way to market your brand when visiting trade shows and other events hosted locally or anywhere else in Canada or around the world. Event awnings are a little different from traditional awnings. In fact, they’re more like full canopies, supported by a frame system that can be disassembled.

If you need event awnings we can work with you to get the right design, graphics, and lettering to help promote your brand. If you already have a frame tent, we can produce custom event awnings on vinyl or Sunbrella fabric to give you the aesthetic that you’re looking for at upcoming events.

What are the Customization Options with a Local Awning Specialist?

Although awnings are highly functional, they also become key aesthetic components wherever they are installed. Having the option to customize awnings will give you more opportunities for decoration and branding.

There are several ways that you can customize with an awning specialist.

  • The shape of the awning can be selected based on your unique needs. You might need several shapes for your premises. For example, you could use shallower semi-circle awnings for windows, and a longer dome-type awning for your main entrance. Whatever you have in mind, About Signs Limited will build the frames and install the awning canopy to achieve the right look.
  • Colours are customizable whether you choose vinyl or fabric canopy materials. Awnings can be solid or striped for a more traditional aesthetic.
  • The edge of the canopy material is customizable, whether you want a straight modern edge or a more traditional curved scalloped edge.
  • Graphics and text can be added to your awnings. Vinyl can be digitally printed, while Sunbrella materials are hand-painted with your lettering and graphics.

No matter how you choose to customize your commercial awnings, you’ll enjoy a detailed service when you choose About Signs Limited. Enjoy our thorough and informative consultation process and get the best awnings available in Ontario with a local awning specialist. Start with your free quote, and let us take you through a stress-free project from design to installation.