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Create a Great Business Name Using These Six Tips

Naming your business is a huge step and one that requires some careful deliberation before you make a final choice. That’s because your name will impact how customers and clients perceive you, and quite possibly whether they decide to offer you business or not. So before you start dreaming up what your storefront signage is going to look like, consider what that sign will read.

Stitch it Storefront Sign

  1. Know what you want to convey

A good business name will have some strategy behind it. To that end, think about what it is that you want your name to communicate to the public. Your name should speak to the key elements of your business. Creating a mission statement – a sentence that communicates the purpose of your company – can help you decipher the points you want to emphasize in your name. Remember that the more your name conveys about your business, the less time you’ll have to spend explaining it to customers.

  1. Reign in your creativity

While it’s good to have creativity in business to help you solve problems and identify opportunities, being too creative with your company name can end up having a negative effect. Consumers tend to prefer words they understand and can relate to. That’s why initials, acronyms, and strings of numbers can be a turn off.

In an effort to create a name that stands out, you might be tempted to give a common word a unique spelling. That can work against you as well. Rather than helping you stand out, it can make it harder for prospective customers to find you in a Google search since they’ll likely enter the commonplace spelling.

  1. Being Concise is the best

The shorter the length of your business name, the better. Some startup experts have suggested the name of a business be no longer than two syllables. Remember that your name could appear in many places and not just within the confines of your indoor and outdoor signs. It could be in the “from” line in an email, in a Twitter handle, or in the name of a Facebook page. A short name works well in all those instances.

  1. Give yourself room to grow

Many, if not all, business owners dream of expanding their operation after they become just too darn successful. Don’t pick a name that limits your future potential. Avoid using geographic locations or very specific product names in your name. If you open a location in a different area or expand your offerings, customers might end up confused.

  1. Test it out

Enlist the help of potential customers, investors, and co-workers to see what they think of the name or names you come up with. Ask them questions about the names to see if they communicate what you intended. Friends and family who may know a bit, or a lot, about our business aren’t the best audiences to survey.

  1. Make sure it isn’t taken

It’s a good idea to check with the Ontario Government’s business name registration list (or your local provincial registration database) to see if the name you want is already registered to another business owner. Also, have a look online to see if your potential business name is available as a domain name for your future website.

Once you’ve followed these six tips and came up the great name your business deserves, it’s time to put it on a sign. Contact us at About Signs and our team of experts will be ready to help you with all your signage needs.