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How the Right Signage Can Help Create More Buzz About Your Cannabis Business

How the Right Signage Can Help Create More Buzz About Your Cannabis Business

As medical cannabis becomes more mainstream and as recreational cannabis will soon be a reality in Canada, many new weed-related businesses are popping up around the country. More and more people are looking to get their hands on il marijuana cards online to take advantage of this big marijuana surge. In the US, state laws mean that businesses operating in the cannabis industry will have to be compliant with the laws of the state they’re in. Companies like GreenBits can help with this – Until recently, however, the business of supplying legal marijuana was unchartered territory in Canada, and fledgling growers and suppliers may be wondering how to best use available modes of signage to advertise their businesses.

At About Signs, we are here to help those in the cannabis industry tastefully and effectively advertise their businesses. Here is a brief list of some of the products that we can assist with.

Storefront Signage – If you are operating a medical cannabis clinic, having eye-catching signage that attracts the attention of potential patients will be key. Signage may be lit or unlit depending on its placement. If you cannot affix a sign to the outside of your building because of its structure or your rental agreement, then window decals may be another option for you.

While growers do not require storefront signage to attract customers, they may nevertheless want some kind of visible signage at their offices and greenhouses in order to get their names in front of the public. After all, brand recognition is one of the first steps in building a trustworthy reputation – something that will be critical in this new industry. Such companies like this dispensary Lansing MI based have built a tremendous trustworthy reputation with their patients.

Indoor Signage – Especially in the case of medical clinics, indoor signage at reception and/or waiting areas helps to create a professional appearance. If you are on a tight budget, then vinyl wall decals can be very cost-effective – or if you want something a little nicer, backlit 3D lettering along with your company logo looks very attractive in a waiting area.

Tradeshow Displays – Especially because of the newness of the cannabis industry, many companies will no doubt want to attend tradeshows to get the word out. For this, you will need a highly visible and attractive tradeshow display. At About Signs, we can help you with everything from stand-up banners, tradeshow stands, illuminated and non-illuminate signage and the list goes on.

weed advertising on bus wrapVehicle Wraps and Decals – If your office or greenhouse is tucked away in an area where there is not a lot of walk-by or drive-by traffic, then vehicle signage may be your best bet in getting visibility. Whether you have a company car, van or even bus, you can turn it into a mobile billboard. Vehicle wraps and decals are not only eye-catching they are also extremely cost-effective when compared to other types of promotions such as print advertising. Furthermore, if you opt for a full vinyl wrap, you get the added benefit that it helps protect your vehicle from dents and scratches, which is especially useful if the vehicle is under lease.

So what type of signage is the best for promoting your cannabis business? Well – that depends on a number of factors including the type of business you are operating, its location, etc. One thing that is certain, however, is that the right kind of signage can give you an edge over your competition. If you would like to sit down with one of our signage experts and discuss how to promote your business best, then contact us at About Signs today.