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Creating a Storefront Sign

Creating a Storefront Sign

Store owners have a lot to consider when planning the layout of their businesses. Where items will be placed and where furniture will be set up are just a couple of considerations that warrant some thought. Having your products displayed in an enticing way is important to create sales, but you might have a hard time getting customers through the door if you don’t put some thought into your storefront signage as well.

Take your neighbourhood into account

Depending on your business and its location, you may have local neighbourhood or city bylaws that require signage be of a certain size and placed in a certain location. Check with your local BIA if you’re unsure of any existing rules or design guidelines that need to be adhered to.

Many municipalities publish brochures with detailed information and photographs of what types of signs are permitted, and these can help guide your decision making as you craft your storefront sign.

Take your target audience into account

Once you know what you can and can’t do for your sign based on your neighbourhood, you can set to work planning out the size and location of your storefront sign. Think about the sort of consumer that you want to bring into your business. Are you looking to appeal to young shoppers looking for the latest fashions? Does your business cater to an upscale crowd looking for sophisticated products or services?

Imagine yourself in your target customer’s shoes. If they’re looking for chic clothing, your storefront signage shouldn’t be massive, or it will give the impression that your business is unrefined.

When will your signage be seen?

Consider how and when your target customers see your signage. If you have a lot of pedestrian traffic outside your business, you’ll want to position your sign so that it will be noticeable to those walking by. Consider using a sign that hangs perpendicular to the sidewalk outside your business. That sort of placement will help pedestrians notice your business as they walk towards it, as it will be directly in their line of vision.

If you expect that many of your customers will be driving to your business, you’ll want to create a sign that’s large enough for drivers to easily identify. You’ll also want to place the sign at a height that will keep it unobstructed. If your sign is too low, it may be visible to passing pedestrians, but those pedestrians might also prevent drivers from seeing it.

Striking a balance visibility and enormity

You’ll want your customers, no matter how they’re getting to your store, to be able to see and read your sign easily. That means it needs to be large enough for your company name or logo to fit on it legibly. At the same time, a sign that’s too big can look overbearing and unprofessional, it may even sour relations between you and other store owners in the neighbourhood.

When you’re ready to mark your business with some unique storefront signage, contact us to learn about all the design options available to you.