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Custom Home Address Signs Add Beauty and Distinction

Custom Home Address Signs Add Beauty and Distinction

It’s often pointed out that your home is your biggest investment. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a representation of your effort and your values. It reflects you and your family. Your home is your own and it can be as unique as your family. You should never settle for the standard when it comes to your home. With custom home address signs, you don’t have to.

Why have the standard numbers on the outside of your home? You can go for something unique with a custom address sign. At About Signs Limited, we make it easy.

What are Custom Home Address Signs?

Simple yet highly effective, custom home address signs are exactly as the name describes. They are custom-made house signs that you can mount on your home, garage, or any permanent feature like a pedestal, wall, or fence.

Custom home address signs can set your property apart from others on the street. You take pride in your home, so it’s worth making a little effort to show that with custom home address signs.

Finding the Perfect Placement for a Custom Address Sign

There’s no “right” placement for a custom address sign, but there are some general rules to follow to ensure that house signs are visible from the streetside.

Generally, a custom address sign is mounted to a front-facing wall or feature of the home. A beam running across the main awning, or the wall right next to a front door. A custom address sign is generally visible from the roadside but this isn’t always the case. Even if it isn’t visible from the roadside, the sign can still provide a touch of class and elegance for visitors as they approach your front door.

The garage is also a popular location for a custom address sign. If your garage is closer to the streetside than the rest of your home, then this is a great spot to choose.

As mentioned, house signs can also be mounted to other surfaces. Your fence or wall is an ideal location and this can help to guide friends, delivery drivers, and other visitors.

The location is entirely up to you. Just consider a few basics…

  • The sign should be visible for it to be effective.
  • It is best at eye level height or slightly above, just like a commercial sign.
  • The colour of house signs typically contrasts the chosen surface for visibility.

Freedom to Customize House Address Signs

Placement is one area where you can customize house address signs, but there are even more options when you work with a professional signage company.

Material, size, and font can all dramatically change the look of house address signs. You can work with our team to find a combination that perfectly suits your home and your personality.

Material is typically acrylic, but there are also options like applied vinyl decals, depending on the surface that you’re attaching the sign to. Aluminum is a also great material for house address signs because it is corrosion-resistant and stable in all weather conditions. It also looks premium and can be shaped into your preferred font. Aluminum letters and numbers create an attractive 3D effect.

Aluminum can be coated and treated to emulate the look of other materials. If you love the look of copper or bronze, it’s possible to anodize the aluminum to get the look that you want. We’ll work with you to find the perfect aesthetic for house address signs. Whatever you have in mind, our signage team has a solution. Solid colours are also a popular choice. Some customers choose to match their house address signs with the roof or exterior trim colour to create a clean and consistent look.

The font is again your choice. A stylized script often creates the most upmarket look. Consider your sense of style and the aesthetic of your home and your neighborhood when choosing a font. We can provide examples based on images of your home.

Of course, the actual text is also an area where you can customize house signs. Some projects include a family name, such as “Johnson Residence”, the number and street name are essential for house address signs.

Expert Consultants and Installers of House Signs

Even if you have fully imagined your perfect concept of custom house signs, you’ll need the right team to bring it all together. About Signs Limited designs the best signage in Southwestern Ontario. We can consult on the design and material choice, before moving to production. We’ll install your signs with care and attention, ensuring your home gets the premium look that it deserves.

If you want to stand out on your street, it’s time to talk to us. Our team is standing by to begin with your residential address signs quote and consultation.