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Custom Outdoor Banners – Fairs, Festivals, Fundraisers

Banners are a great way to grab the attention of passersby when you’re hosting an outdoor event, or even just running your usual business. Not only can they spark interest, but a well-crafted outdoor banner can hold up well against the elements and be available for use time and time again. Well-designed and well-made outdoor banners can bring in new customers to your business or new attendees to your event.

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What outdoor banners are made of

Outdoor banners have to be constructed with strong materials so that they can hold up well against wind, snow, sun, and rain. Many outdoor banners are used multiple times, so durability is essential.

Most banners will be made of thick grades of vinyl, with reinforced stitching for added toughness. Grommets or rod pockets can be used to hang the banner where it’s needed. Certain materials will give banners added UV resistance so that they don’t fade after extended exposure to the sun.

Even if your outdoor banner does get dirty after some routine use, the vinyl is usually easy to wipe clean. If you’re using a banner for an annual event, you should be able to clean it off after use and store it for next year.

Festive signage

If you’ve ever been to a parade, you probably noticed several banners being held by people marching in the parade, or attached to floats. They offer a considerable space in which to write a message, or simply to put an organization’s name out into the public eye.

Banners are also commonly used at fundraising events like walks and runs. In those cases, banners are a great way to mark the start and finish lines, while also reiterating the name of the cause and the organization that’s running the event. A large “thank you” banner is also a nice touch for fundraising events, to show everyone that their participation is appreciated and that it made a difference.

You’ll also find banners in use at carnivals and fairs to let attendees find their way from one attraction or vendor to the next. Every summer, rib fests occur across the country, and you’ll often see the competing barbeque vendors utilizing outdoor banners to note the awards they’ve earned from past events. Showcasing a good track record is certainly good advertising.

Other uses for outdoor banners

Occasionally, outdoor banners are used as placeholders for more permanent signage. In the case of a business that’s opened in a new location, an outdoor banner is a relatively quick way to mark the store’s location in the neighbourhood. While the business is waiting on a larger fabricated sign to be installed, the outdoor banner can ensure people passing by to know that the store is there.

Some business owners also use banners to indicate that their store is opening soon. Using an opening soon banner outside a business that’s still in the making can pique interest and give the business a foothold in the area before it even opens to the public.

If you need a rugged banner that’s made to withstand the weather while drawing attention to your business or event, contact us to get started on creating your own custom outdoor banner.