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Custom Sign Installation

Custom Sign Installation

It takes some time, effort, and creativity to design and manufacture the right sign, but once that’s done you still need your sign to be installed properly. After going through the process of making a sign for your business or organization, you don’t want it hanging loosely or lopsided. That’s why it’s important to call in the services of professional technicians who can install your sign properly – on your storefront, inside your business, or on your vehicle.

Awning and storefront signage

When deciding on the signage that’s going to showcase your company to the public, you not only need to consider what the sign is going to look like, but also whether it adheres to the local bylaws of your neighbourhood. Some laws stipulate that signs can’t be larger than a set size, or hung above a particular height. Sign installation technicians will take all of those regulations into account when putting up your storefront sign or awning.

Setting up storefront signs can require specialized equipment and tools so that technicians can reach difficult heights and have the necessary power to affix signs securely. That specialized gear will let sign installation technicians place your sign properly, make it clearly visible, and install it firmly so that it holds up well over time.

Installing digital and illuminated signs

If you have a sign equipped with LED or neon lights, or if your sign requires a separate light source to keep it illuminated, there will be some electrical factors to take into account when it comes time to install your sign. If you have any problems with your current electrical status, for example, it shorts out or perhaps can handle a large watt of energy at once, that will need to be fixed before a light is installed. Sites like can put you in touch with a suitable electrician if you don’t have one already. Experienced sign installers will be able to work with existing sound, electrical systems to ensure that your sign has a stable source of power.

If your digital or illuminated sign needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet, exposed power cables can sometimes be unsightly and detract from the rest of the sign. Expert sign installers can examine that sort of situation and may be able to come up with ways to hide power cables so that your sign gets all the attention.

Loyola Daytime Sign

Interior sign installation

There are a number of possible signs that could be utilized inside a business – reception signs, wall decals, banners, and internal communication boards. For all of those signs to have the most impact on viewers, they need to be affixed with care so that they’re straight, prominent, and legible.

Menu boards inside a restaurant, for example, could be hung above the counter and tilted slightly downward so that customers have a better angle to read them. Reception signs placed behind an office’s front desk need professional installation to be straight and eye-catching.

Blue Pay Canada Reception Sign

Installing vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics like vinyl wraps can be custom cut to fit perfectly on a particular car or truck. But that perfect sizing doesn’t necessarily make it easy to install. You don’t want to be driving around in a company vehicle that has wonky signage affixed to it. For the best results installing wraps or placing lettering on a truck or trailer, it’s wise to leave the job to an experienced technician.

full vehicle wrap

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