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Digital Graphics St. Catherines

Digital Graphics St. Catherines

Digital Graphics St. Catherines

About Signs Limited is the premier digital printing company in St. Catherines and the greater Niagara area. We’ve been creating visually captivating and memorable signage and graphics for local businesses and organizations for more than two decades. From designing and installing signage to obtaining St. Catherines Building Permits and final installation, we are a team that you can trust to get the job done right, the first time.

Get digital graphics St. Catherines from your local experts.

Why Choose Digital Graphics St. Catherines?

Digital printing can allow for more creative freedom without unnecessarily increasing the cost of your project. Unlike custom fabrication of letters and graphics, digital graphics St. Catherines can be printed directly to media, typically high-quality vinyl.

This gives you more versatility to use your graphics in ways that suit you, without facing cost barriers. Digital graphics St. Catherines can be used for interior wall decals, window decals, and signage, or even signage applied to 2D signboards. Our team can help you to plan your project, taking you from the initial consultation and design, right through to printing and installation.

We are the most trusted company for digital graphics St. Catherines.

The Advantages of Digital Printing in St. Catherines

There are several inherent benefits of digital printing that aren’t available with other signage options.

  • The project turnaround time is often reduced when considering digital graphics St. Catherines. There’s no need to produce custom elements as with 3D physical signage.
  • There are more options for application. Digital printing can take you from small concepts like promotional vinyl stickers, right through to full-window signage or storefront signage on custom boards.
  • Digital printing means there are no compromises. You can print simple graphics, text, or even high-definition imagery with complex colours and shapes. We can work from your source images, fonts, and colour palettes, or design something from the ground up.

Our team will take the time to learn about your business so that your digital graphics St. Catherines are suited not only to your specific project but also to your brand as a whole. We’re ready to get started. You can call us for your free quote today.

One significant advantage is that you probably won’t need a St. Catherines building permit, depending on how you want to use digital graphics.

St. Catherines Building Permit – Do You Need One?

A St. Catherines building permit will only be necessary if you want to significantly modify the exterior or interior of your building with new structural elements to support signage.

If you simply want to add window signage, then you won’t need a St. Catherines building permit. Likewise, if you want to add wall or even floor signage, then there won’t be any need for a St. Catherines building permit.

If you do require any custom elements to go along with your digital printing (such as a sign backing physically installed on your building), then we can assist with the process of getting a St. Catherines building permit. With more than two decades of experience in areas from Niagara to Toronto and the GTA, we understand the permitting process in detail, and are aware of all local restrictions and guidelines.

Which Industries are Suited to Digital Graphics?

There’s no limitation on the industries that are suited to digital graphics. We produce stickers, decals, and other forms of digitally printed signage for a range of clients throughout Niagara, Hamilton, and the GTA.

Consider some of the examples of greater Niagara imaging St. Catherines as you prepare for your project…

  • Boutique retail locations with limited storefront real estate can gain valuable branding by adding window signage. Digital graphics allow for full window vinyl signage, cutout letters and graphics, or decals/stickers of any size.
  • Bars and restaurants can use digital graphics for branding and promotion. Printed vinyl graphics can advertise the business name, partner brands, general information, or even seasonal specials.
  • Large showrooms with extensive window space can make excellent use of digital graphics St. Catherines.
  • Interiors are ideal for digital graphics. Wall decals are excellent for office and commercial spaces, or retail stores. Digitally printed floor decals work great in malls, shopping centres, supermarkets and grocery stores, or anywhere else where branding or navigational aids are needed.

These are just a handful of examples of how digital graphics could work for you. Signs for branding and promotion, safety signs, and general information can all be printed to vinyl with our digital graphics service.

Ready to learn more? Get started on your project with a free quote and begin the consultation process. We’ll work with you to understand your unique needs and deliver a project on time and within budget. The best digital graphics St. Catherines come from About Signs Limited.