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Digital Printing

About Signs is a leading provider of standard and large format digital printing in Toronto, the GTA, and the surrounding area. For more than 20 years we’ve created visually captivating signs for storefronts, vehicles, and interior use.


What is the price of digital printing?

Get in touch with us to discuss how you’d like to enhance the display of your property with digitally printed custom signs. If you already know what you’re looking for, we’ll provide a free quote.

If you want our help creating something unique, we can do that too.

The benefits of digital printing

Though traditional offset business signs and digital prints both offer some advantages, digital prints provide a level of quality, cost-effectiveness, and turnaround time that place them a level above. They also allow for greater customization, especially when combining a variety of texts and images (when each sheet is unique), such as personalized marketing materials.

The versatile application of digitally printed signs is unparalleled. From storefronts to windows to vehicles, digital prints can be used for signage in just about any scenario. Whether it’s showcasing your logo, depicting products, or creating something visually stunning, expertly produced digital prints are an invaluable asset for any company looking to attract customers or clients.

Who can benefit from custom digital printing?

Because digital printing encompasses such a sprawling number of custom sign types and places for application, just about any commercial property or business can make effective use. For example, retail stores, office buildings, and service buildings will all benefit from custom digital printing, whether it’s images of products and services, or simply reinforcing their brand with expertly created logos.

Digital printing is even popular among communal residential properties, like apartments and condo buildings, where unique digital prints define the character of the lobby and make the building’s first impression on new residents and visitors.

Turn Every Surface into an Opportunity with Custom Decals Digital Printing

Our extensive digital printing services can be used to create custom decals for your business. With high-resolution, colour-rich, and impactful decals, you can create more opportunities from every customer engagement. Digital prints can be laminated for durability and protection from the sun.

Custom decals are sometimes seen as simple stickers, but they’re much more than that. Materials can be customized depending on your needs, and our high–quality digital printing results in much more visibility than standard sticker printing.

The best way to understand how custom decals can benefit your business is to consider some of the most popular ways that they are used.

Digital Printing Window Decals for Businesses

Our digital printing team can create standout custom decals for your windows and doors. Beautiful colours, high–resolution printing, and durability all come together for an effective advertising solution.

Window decals made with large format printing techniques are practical because they can be easily applied and removed as needed. They can be used to promote sales events, share your brands, or as a permanent fixture to display the business name, address, contact details, and even operating hours.

We can customize our digital printing solutions to perfectly match your brand and your business message. We’re available today to talk about custom vinyl decals for your commercial property.

Large Format Printing Wall Graphics

Our large format digital printing wall graphics are perfect for home and office. With long-lasting and durable prints, you can display your marketing message indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs and the available surfaces. Large format printing allows for effective use of space while minimizing the cost to bring your marketing materials and ideas to life. Large format printing is available on a variety of media. Large format printing wall graphics are typically produced on vinyl.

If you have a poster-style concept in mind, want to add a full wall large format printing graphic, or want decals of any size for your walls, you can start designing with us today.

Custom Floor Decals

Custom decals for flooring will allow you to put important information where it can be seen easily. These large format printing floor decals are ideal for navigation on retail and showroom floors. They can be used outside elevators to direct visitors. Custom floor decals are also ideal for queue management at cash registers and counters.

Large format printing floor decals are made from high–quality water-resistant and slip-resistant materials. They won’t damage your flooring and they are designed to last, even in high-traffic areas. Full colour with vibrant graphics, or, simple and informative, we’ll help you to design custom decals that suit your business needs.

Our large format printing expertise ensures that you can make the best use of your floor space to solidify your brand and provide an enhanced experience for customers and visitors.

Custom Decals for Car Windows and Doors

We offer complete vehicle wrap digital printing, but this isn’t always the best approach for every business. If you have company vehicles that could benefit from subtle branding, our custom decals will be ideal. Car window decals can be used to promote a company name and logo and can include text like your contact number, website or social media handle, or even some simple wording to help promote your services.

Window decals can be applied inside or outside of the vehicle, depending on your needs. Outside decals are the most visible and the most colour-accurate. They will stand out more but will be less durable overall. We use high-quality automotive-grade vinyl to ensure that your outside window decals provide a long-term return on your investment. If you choose inside window decals, the printing will be on the adhesive side.

This results in a longer–lasting decal, but you may lose some impact or visibility, especially with tinted glass. Car door decals are ideal for company names and contact numbers. You don’t need to invest in complete vehicle wraps to advertise on your commercial vehicle fleet. Car door decals are also ideal for labeling vehicles, such as with rental fleets. Managing inventory and keeping track of your vehicles is made easier with our digital printing services.

To learn more about our car door and window custom decals, contact us today for a digital printing consultation and estimate.

Durability Of Our Large Format Digital Printing

Durability is important when investing in any type of signage. Large format digital printing is based around advanced techniques and materials. Your projects for large format digital printing will be UV stable and resistant to the environment, whether used indoors or outdoors. Colors remain vibrant with our large format digital printing,

Our ink solutions typically last up to five years in direct sunlight on various substrates used for large format digital printing. When used indoors, depending on natural light or the type of artificial light, vibrancy can last much longer.

We’ll help you to determine the ideal materials and ink solutions for your unique application. As the large format digital printing experts in Ontario, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the right recommendations.

Why Choose About Signs?

About Signs has spent more than 20 years cultivating a well-earned reputation for quality, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. We are not only determined to provide the best digitally printed products in Toronto and the surrounding areas but also the highest level of service. The quality of our large format printing is comparable to the best in the industry. Discerning business owners prefer About Signs.

About Signs accommodates both PC and Mac users and we work with a wide variety of file formats. No matter your needs, you can always count on us to provide quality workmanship at a fair price.

We understand the pride involved in owning and operating a business or property. That’s why we take seriously the responsibility of creating digital prints that will influence how people view your organization. We take the utmost care to ensure your logos and images are created to your exact specifications and always look great.

If you don’t have exact specifications to share with us, we’re happy to help conceptualize your designs. We feature a team of professional designers that’s among the best in the business. Whether you need to recreate lost image files or make a new look from scratch, About Signs will help you bring to life the digital prints you’re picturing in your head. Large format printing allows for both versatility and efficiency.

Our digitally printed products are made with eco-solv ink and are printed in six-colour high-resolution photo quality. We specialize in large format digital printing but accommodate all requests as best we can.

Where About Signs Provides Digital Printing Services

We work with companies and property owners in all sorts of industries. If you’re looking for expertly crafted custom signs, reach out for a quote.

About Signs provides standard and large format digital printing services to the following places:

Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Markham, Scarborough, Erin, Ajax, Oshawa, Hamilton, Grimsby, Vaughan, Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Caledon, Newmarket, Stouffville, Aurora, Orangeville, Kitchener, and Niagara Falls.

Digital Printing Video

Commercial Digital Printing

You have the opportunity to improve branding and engagement with customers using commercial digital printing for storefronts, offices, and any other commercial location. From commercial window signs that serve as or supplement your primary signage to floor signs that provide direction, there is a range of options available for commercial digital printing.

Our designers will work with you to understand your unique needs and produce commercial digital prints that achieve your goals. We can use your existing colors and media kit including graphics, fonts, and other assets. You can also rely on our team for a complete digital design service, with attractive graphics and text that suit your commercial location.

As a fully integrated design company, we can deliver commercial digital printing starting from the consultation stage, all the way through to production and installation.

Types of digital prints (stickers, decals, vinyl graphics, laminated graphics and more)

About Signs has been providing commercial signage for over two decades. During this period we’ve come to specialize in a variety of digital printing styles that will bolster your branding and marketing efforts, whatever they happen to be. The following list exemplifies the breadth of our expertise and provides a clear idea of how we can create the type of digitally printed signage you’re looking for.

  • Contour cut logo decals:These digitally printed decals are great for proudly displaying your company’s logo.
  • Posters:This type of print is great for temporary announces like special promotions, sales and events.
  • Mural printing:These wall-sized graphics and messages demand to be noticed, making them great for showcasing products and services.
  • Cling-on’s:Also known as window decals or window signs, these vinyl “stickers” use static electricity to adhere to glass. They are easy to apply and remove, making them ideal for

  • Wall graphics:Like posters, but more permanent, this type of digitally printed custom sign can showcase either temporary sales and promotions, or lasting taglines and company mottos.
  • Wrap vinyl:When applied to a car, truck or trailer, these wraps effectively turn your company vehicles into billboards that carry your message – and key information, like a phone number and website URL – all over town.
  • Clear vinyl:These self-adhesive stickers are suitable for a variety of marketing needs.
  • Adhesive vinyl labels:With adhesive backing, these labels are long-lasting and durable, making them a versatile visual marketing asset.