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Laminated Graphics

Vinyl stickers are used for a variety of advertising purposes. From car and truck advertising to storefront windows, you’ll find vinyl stickers from About Signs Limited throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, our home of Oakville, and around Southwestern Ontario. If you’re looking for stickers and signs that last longer and that can resist environmental extremes, you can consider our laminated graphics.

Laminated graphics are more durable than standard stickers and there are no compromises when it comes to the clarity of your images and text. Learn about vinyl printing near me and get your free digital printing cost estimate today.


Vinyl Digital Printing Cost

When looking for reliable vinyl printing near me, the cost will be one of your first considerations. Vinyl digital printing cost varies by project, with several factors going into a quote. The most important of these are:

  • The size of the laminated graphics.
  • The complexity of the design.
  • Colours, images, and text used.

The best way to learn vinyl digital printing cost is to get your no-obligation estimate today. All we need is your concept and a few details regarding size and design and we’ll prepare a vinyl digital printing cost quote so that you can get moving with your project.

Vinyl Printing Wide Format

Our laminated products aren’t just limited to small stickers and custom signs. We offer printing wide format for poster-style graphics, large decals (including auto decals), window displays, and industrial stickers. If you supply industrial machinery, for example, you could use our printing wide format service to create durable vinyl decals that clearly brand your products. Rental companies also use our printing wide format services to brand and label everything from power tools to commercial vans and trucks.

Our vinyl printing wide format is fully customizable. Graphics and text can be cut to shape.

Where Can I Get Reliable Vinyl Printing Near Me?

Businesses small and large seek reliable vinyl printing near me with competitive rates. About Signs Limited has more than two decades of experience creating the best graphics and signage for businesses and organizations in Ontario. You’ll find our detail-focused approach, advanced high DPI vinyl printing, and impressive graphic design services to be a step above the competition.

Contact us today to get the best vinyl printing near me.

Durable Laminated Graphics from About Signs Limited

With a no-obligation quote, there’s absolutely no risk when you choose About Signs Limited. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed by our pricing, turnaround times, and graphic design services. Countless businesses from Tim Hortons to Mercedes Benz choose About Signs Limited as their preferred local signage company.

Join our growing list of satisfied customers and get started with your laminated graphics project today.

How Do Laminated Graphics Differ from Standard Vinyl Stickers and Prints?

All of our laminated graphics start with high-quality vinyl materials that are made to be durable and visually impressive when applied to vehicles, fridges, walls, sign backings, and other suitable objects.

The difference with a laminated product is that the process is finished with a high-lustre laminate that improves the look of the graphics and text, while also enhancing durability.

  • Laminated graphics are more resistant to scratches, abrasions, discoloration, heat, and moisture.
  • Laminated graphics have a higher reflective index, helping them to stand out in well-lit environments.
  • Our custom graphics can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • High-quality laminated graphics can last up to ten years when used indoors.

Laminated Graphics Video

Common Uses for Our Digital Printing Printer Service

Our laminated vinyl graphics are popular with clients in a diverse range of industries. Any time that you need durable stickers, logos, and decals, our laminated products will suit. Take a look at some common examples of our digital printing printer service to see how you could get better marketing and branding materials for your organization.

Digital printing printers create bold and visually impressive graphics and text that capture attention and make an impression on your audience. Choose About Signs Limited for the most efficient digital printing printer service in Southwestern Ontario, Hamilton, Toronto, and the surrounding areas.

Our Ontario digital printing printer service creates vinyl products for:

  • Company-branded sticker-style decals. These can be applied to vehicles, machinery, and industrial equipment to promote your business.
  • Window stickers and decals for storefront advertising and promotional information.
  • Automotive stickers and decals to turn any of your commercial vehicles into powerful marketing assets.
  • Custom stickers and decals for fridges, freezer boxes, display cabinets, and other large appliances.
  • Posters made with vinyl printing wide-format techniques. Our laminated posters can be used in stores, cafés, restaurants, showrooms, trade show displays, and anywhere that you need to promote your products and services.