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Guide Visitors with Directional signs

Wayfinding, the methods that people use to orient themselves in a physical space and navigate from one place to another, can be made easier within a banquet hall or clubhouse with appropriate signage. People who enter an unknown building for the first time look for signs as a way of determining where they need to go. So if you have an event space and want to make sure that visitors can easily get to where they need to go, you’ll need the right directional signs both indoors and outdoors.

Meeting Room Wayfinding Sign

First impressions

As visitors make their way toward the main building of your clubhouse or banquet hall, they’ll be on the lookout for signs to direct them. If, for instance, guests are arriving for a wedding reception, it’s a smart idea to have freestanding signs set up near any entrances that can offer more information. On those directional signs you can include the name of the event, the names of those who are hosting the event, the time and date of the event, and any other appropriate specifics, like the name of the hall where the event is taking place. That last bit of information is particularly important if you operate a venue that has multiple events spaces that could be hosting multiple gatherings at the same time.

When it comes to wayfinding, arrows are generally easy to understand and offer visual cues to guests so they can make their way to the appropriate place. You can use arrows on your exterior signs to direct visitors to different areas of your building, but keep in mind that you might have to reinforce those exterior signs with some similar signs inside your venue.

Consistency in your signage

Let’s say that you have two different events happening in two separate rooms within your clubhouse at the same time. You might have to utilize two sets of directional signs to keep visitors going to the right places. If you have multiple signs posted around the venue, it’s important to keep the signs consistent. Here’s an example. You have a retirement party happening in one room and an awards ceremony taking place in another. You can use green arrows and lettering on all signs for the retirement party, and yellow text and arrows on all the signs for the awards. This way, visitors won’t get mixed messages, which could make it harder for them to get around.

Bathrooms and change rooms

Guests at a banquet hall or any other event venue will inevitably need to use the bathroom. Bathrooms need to be well marked with signs for both guests and regular patrons. These sort of signs are best suspended from or affixed to nearby surfaces. In addition to signs that denote bathrooms, or change rooms in the case of a clubhouse, you can help visitors find the facilities by including signs elsewhere around the building.

Think about where guests will move about within your building. If they’ll be leaving an event room from a particular doorway, it would be a good idea to include a sign indicating which way the bathrooms are near that doorway.

If you don’t want your guests to be puzzled, directional signs are an easy solution. If you require more information on this topic simply contact us and our team will be ready to help.

Custom Interior Signs – Directional Signs

Directional Signs

Directional signs are the most common indoor signage in any industry. Whether your business is a hotel, restaurant, bank, manufacturing plant or retail store, signage to guide your customers and employees is critical to the livelihood of your business.

Minimize Confusion with Directional Signs

Clearly defined and readable directional signs are necessary to communicate to your customer’s vital information about your business location. Minimize confusion and frustration with signs that create ease of access for your customers. Bathroom signs are the most common but other signs include arrows to exits and signs to important rooms. We will create custom directional signs that will be consistent with your brand colours and décor.