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Does Wrapping Your Car Damage the Paint

Does Wrapping Your Car Damage the Paint

Vehicle wraps can transform ordinary commercial vehicles into vibrant and appealing mobile billboards. With a professional vehicle wrap service, you’ll raise your local brand presence. A vehicle wrap can reflect positively on your business and attract more customers.

If you’re interested in wraps, you probably have a few questions in mind. Notably, you’ve probably wondered: does wrapping your car damage the paint? Let’s dive into the question so you can make the right decision for your business.

Does Wrapping Your Car Damage the Paint? A Professional Assessment

Car wraps have been around for a long time. We’ve moved well past the inefficient, labour intensive, and near irreversible process of painting cars to add branding. Vinyl wraps are more cost-effective and convenient. They only take a few days to produce and apply, and they look better than traditional painted signage on vehicles.

The graphics used for vehicle wraps today are more interesting and you can cover the entirety of a vehicle. You can even add the wrap to side and rear windows and still see outside, thanks to advances in perforated vinyl.

With all this in mind, there’s still the question to consider. Does wrapping your car damage the paint? The answer is no. Car wraps are designed to be safe for car paint, whether the car has a gloss or matte finish. The adhesive is specifically formulated so that the wrap can be eventually removed when it’s time to update the graphics or change the purpose of the vehicle. You can have confidence knowing that at some point, the wrap can be removed without a single area of paint damage.

Vehicle Wraps Can Protect Your Car

We’ve answered the question: does wrapping your car damage the paint. Wrapping your commercial car in vinyl is completely safe and you can typically get five to seven years from a commercial vehicle wrap.

There’s another side of this discussion that is worth noting. It’s the fact that a vinyl vehicle wrap can even protect your cars and trucks.

Imagine running a commercial car for just a few years. No matter how well you take care of it, there’s going to be some deterioration in the paint. Weather extremes can reduce the durability of the paint. Through UV exposure and sudden temperature changes, car paint takes a real beating. There’s also the air pollution that can get surprisingly high in parts of Ontario, and dirt and other debris that gets onto the paint. Over time, contaminants have an abrasive effect on paint, wearing down the topcoat and exposing the pigment underneath.

A vinyl vehicle wrap provides an extra layer of protection. The vinyl itself is relatively thin but it is treated to resist UV damage and heat. It will maintain its shape and text and images for years to come. The vinyl will prevent the paint underneath from being exposed to any sunlight, water, snow, or moisture in the air. The vinyl will also prevent dirt and airborne pollutants from accumulating on the paint.

When you need to remove the vehicle wrap, the paint underneath will look just as good as before the wrap went on. Vinyl also protects from minor stone chips and scratches.

Unlimited Design Options

You’ve asked, “does wrapping your car damage the paint?” and have learned that vinyl can protect the paint. You should also consider how vinyl can completely transform the look of a vehicle.

Is a company car truly a company car if it isn’t customized to suit your business? Even a simple partial wrap can add name branding, a splash of colour, and graphics to make your business stand out. A full vehicle wrap can completely transform the vehicle. You can change its colour, including all of the graphics and text that you want, and give your business something that truly stands out.

We will work with your assets like logos and specific marketing copy and incorporate them into an attractive design that suits your vehicle. It’s time to get noticed out there. You can talk to us for a free quote on a custom business car wrap cost.

How is Business Car Wrap Cost Calculated?

There are a few things to consider when thinking about business car wrap costs…

  • The size of the vehicle makes a difference. Business car wrap cost is higher for large cars and trucks.
  • The design, if produced by About Signs Limited, will be charged at a fair and competitive rate.
  • Labor for printing and applying the vehicle wrap will be added to the car wrap cost.

Business car wrap costs can vary depending on the current price of materials, the model of the car, how much the wrap covers, and the other items we’ve listed above.

The best way to get an accurate business car wrap cost is to talk to us today. Our team is standing by to design and install a business car wrap that gets you seen. You can answer the question: does wrapping your car damage the paint. You know that the answer is no and that the exact opposite is true. Now it’s time to talk to About Signs Limited to get started with your business car wrap.