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Recognize Community Members Who Made a Difference with Donor Plaques

Recognize Community Members Who Made a Difference with Donor Plaques

Donor plaques are a wonderful way to recognize the people who have made a significant and lasting impact on those around them. These plaques take many different forms and sizes, and they can be used to recognize both groups and individuals. You’ll find these plaques in hospitals, schools, places of worship, parks, and a number of other locations. The sort of plaque that ends up being created depends on its purpose and eventual placement, as well as the particular visual wishes of those persons designing it.

Individual wall plaques

If an individual donor has made a sizeable contribution to your organization, a wall plaque is a lasting way to commemorate that effort. A plaque that’s placed prominently in your building not only recognizes the commitment and generosity of the individual donor but can also encourage other individuals to make donations themselves.

You may have seen that wings of hospitals or buildings within a school campus are sometimes named after generous benefactors. In these cases, signage that displays the name of the wing or building can serve a dual purpose as both a wayfinding tool and a donor plaque. Large donor plaques need not only display the name of the donor. You can use the plaque to tell a short story about the donor and why he or she decided to support the organization. Those sort of stories help make the case for further contributions to worthy causes.

Plaques for parks

If you’ve taken a walk around a park, you may have noticed plaques on benches or located near the base of trees. To remember and acknowledge the contributions of generous donors, organizations like parks and nature reserves may wish to etch the names of donors into plaques that visitors will chance upon. These plaques may need some special consideration when it comes to materials since they will be housed outdoors. Solid materials that will stand up to varying weather conditions are best used for these sorts of plaques.

Donor walls

For organizations that want to recognize the efforts of multiple donors, a donor wall can be installed. These walls present the names of a number of donors, and can be grouped alphabetically, by the date of the donation, or by the size of the contribution.

An advantage of donor walls is that they can be expanded as more donors come forward. New panels or plaques can be added to the wall to extend the size of the installation. Organizations can also get creative in what each plaque or panel looks like. A donor wall for a hospital, for instance, could use heart-shaped plaques or panels to emphasize the caring nature of its donors.

Material options for Donor Signs

A variety of materials can be utilized for donor plaques and walls. Metal plaques with etchings or cast metal letters are durable and connote the enduring nature of the donor’s contribution. Etchings can also be made into glass for a more modern look and feel. Wood and acrylic panels are also options, the latter being valuable for large-scale signage when the cost of metal might be outside your budget.

About Signs in Oakville will happily work with you to design and create your donor plaques for any location.  While we don’t specialize in classic plaques, we can create donor signs that will look fabulous indoors or out.  We are also available to do banners to list donors which are perfect for parades, fundraisers events and outdoor events like sport tournaments, and fairs.