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Effective Marketing With Trade Show Displays

Effective Marketing With Trade Show Displays

Effective marketing plays a crucial role for the success of almost every business out there. Depending on your industry, trade shows are likely to play a big part in your strategy. Effective marketing for your trade show displays can make or break this valuable marketing opportunity.

Planning is just as important as a budget when it comes to your home show displays. Besides the obvious components of any display items, there are certain factors to consider when determining what goes into your signage and displays for that upcoming trade show.

Keep it Simple

Too much of anything can create a marketing display that is confusing and overwhelming. When designer business cards and helium balloons won’t do the trick, consider some of these tips when choosing what your home show display might look like.

Use Space Wisely

The square footage of room provided for you on a trade show floor and the subsequent display will be limited. Make a plan for signage that includes all the pertinent information, adding secondary information as permitted. You could even get some display booths which are great for tradeshows. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out these display booths here.
Some of the items that your trade show marketing display should include are:

  • Pictures or other visual elements
  • Logo
  • Website
  • A catchy headline
  • Company name
  • A concise description of the product and/or service provided

Each of these elements holds the same weight and should be included in any marketing materials, especially those used in trade shows. Your potential customer will only view your site for a couple of minutes at best. Anything that can prolong their stay at your trade show location is a bonus.

Colour Palettes Matter

Colour can be your friend or your worst enemy. Generally, if you are running your own business, you already have a colour theme. Now is not the time to change that. Stick with what you know and work with this colour scheme. Less can be more and there is nothing worse than a colour combination that is boggling to the mind. The colour palette for your trade show display should be both appealing and energetic. Unless of course, your business is a funeral home. This brings us to our next home show display tip.

Play to Your Audience

If you are running a dance studio, your image should be one that is fun and creative. Your display ad should reflect this. If a child is not drawn to your trade show booth, neither will their parents be. If you are selling something that is visual, make sure your display is visual. Signage that incorporates loads of pictures will not only bring people to your display but advertise what you’re selling. You could even have items you could give away, for example, something similar to these Promotion Choice Luggage Tags could bring your audience in.

Above All, Protect Your Brand and Your Reputation

Don’t give in to gimmicks or a tacky approach to your marketing display. Once you’ve nailed down what your marketing display will look like for the upcoming trade show, you will be able to replicate this. The time and money you invest now will pay off. Now and for all those trade shows in your future.

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