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Effective Truck Lettering

Effective Truck Lettering

Deciding to turn your work vehicle, whether it’s a pickup truck, haulage vehicle or just a car, into advertisement is a great marketing idea that has numerous benefits for your blossoming business. Pick up trucks are ideal for this as they have great road presence, space for advertisements, and if you get one through these used chevy dealers, are very affordable! Your mobile advertisement has the ability to increase brand awareness and generate more leads, but there are many factors that will determine how effective your custom truck lettering advertisement will be. Here are some design options that will allow you to reap the benefits of having truck lettering and maximize your investment on the Used Semi Truck you may of payed out for.

Fonts are extremely important when choosing truck lettering, you want to find a font that suits your field of work but is also legible. Keep in mind that although style is a factor the main goal of your vehicle advertisement is visibility, so picking a font that is basic and can been seen from far distances is ideal. Some fonts that create heightened visibility are Helvetica, Ariel Black, and Verdana. These fonts are effective because each letter is detached and the letters are thicker allowing viewers to read your truck with ease. Fancier letters or cursive letters look creative but make it harder for viewers to read your message if they are farther from your vehicle. Explore your font options to find a font that reflects your type of business while heightening visibility. Once you have chosen a desirable font you should decide on a font size that will maximize your signs readability. Trucks are in motion for the majority of the time so you want to pick a font size that stands out and can be read quickly. As a general rule, truck lettering should be 3 inches or bigger to encourage the greatest visibility. Trucks provide a large advertising canvas to work with so use the space to your advantage and design your letters to grab your audiences’ attention. Taking a look at  free fonts for commercial use will perhaps give you inspiration for your final truck design.

truck lettering for Factory Tile truckAnother important factor when deciding on your truck lettering is the font colour. Any colour can work depending on the background colour. Pick high contrast colours that allow your message to stand out and be seen by everyone around. A common colour scheme that gives perfect visibility is black and white. A successful sign that showcases this colour scheme is the Factory Tile Depot truck sign which carefully uses black, white, and yellow to make a lasting impression with their viewers. This particular sign also makes use of large bold detached letters which make this advertisement extremely effective. Other successful colour pairs that heighten visibility are dark blue and white, and yellow and black. You need to pick the colours carefully so that your letters are not washed out because washed out letters make it hard for viewers to read. If viewers are having difficulty they are more likely to ignore your advertisement and continue with their daily life. Avoid this issue by choosing letters that will allow viewers to read your message quickly and easily. A lot of companies just pick their company colours but for the most effective truck lettering contrast should be an important factor.

The message on your truck should also be designed to achieve maximum effectiveness. Avoid crowding your truck with loads of information that people don’t have time to read and keep in mind that your truck will be moving the majority of time. Keep the message short and sweet so viewers can retain your message. Peak you audience’s attention with a catchy slogan or logo that keeps your business fresh in their mind when they have a need for your products or services. Other important information that you should add is your phone number, and website because these pieces of information encourage people to get more information about your company.

Truck Lettering can create lots of possibilities for your business if executed in a way that provides clear and concise information. Make it easy for viewers to see your sign and want to learn more. Follow these three tips and your phones will be off the hook in no time.