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Amplify your Exposure at Festivals with Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are the best way for a small, local business to stand out from competitors. These wraps turn your car into an eye-catching, portable billboard.

Local festivals present brands the unique opportunity to market to a new and larger audience.

Boston Pizza Vehicle Wrap

For much of the area, beautiful warm weather is just moments away. And for those of us that have dealt with snow and colder temperatures for months, the spring and summer months present the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the sun and warmer weather.

Where will people be spending their free time once the weather gets warmer? They’ll definitely be at backyard barbecues and the parks, but for thousands of people, they will be at summer festivals. Food, music, film, and wine & beer festivals continue to pop up each year, and their popularity presents a unique opportunity for businesses to gain needed exposure and spread the word about their products or services to a large audience.

Are these festivals an important marketing opportunity?

Absolutely! Festivals present enormous opportunities for businesses that can figure out how to use these events to their advantage. Any time a large number of people gather together to have a good time, take photos and try new things, they’re bound to be exposed to new brands or items. Why not take advantage of a large audience in one area for hours at a time.

Revenue from live music events alone in North America shot from $1.5 billion to $4.6 billion between 1999 and 2009. Not only did the number of events grow, but more people became interested in attending them. People now fill their summer calendar with events and festivals and share their experiences with all of their friends.

Ontario has well over a hundred festivals a year.

With so many outdoor gatherings like this happening each year, and each one attracting an enormous number of visitors, the potential for festival marketing for brands is virtually limitless. And vehicle wraps lend themselves perfectly to this type of marketing.

While cars may not be driving freely through most festivals, vehicle branding is still an important visual element at these events. Food trucks need to be decked out in eye-catching graphics to attract attention from hungry patrons, and other companies that are receiving deliveries of merchandise or equipment should make sure they’re getting supplies from a vehicle that’s been covered in company colours and logos. You want to stand out from the crowd and gain exposure for your business and vehicle wraps help accomplish that goal.

No matter what city a company prioritizes in its marketing campaign, it’s nearly certain there will be local festivals and events this summer that will play well into its branding strategy. By creating visually interesting and well-placed wraps for use at summer events, any business can see an increase in awareness or sales that will play into its overall marketing plan this year.

If you are in the Oakville area, call About Signs today to get your vehicle ready for the many festivals that will soon be upon us, such as the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington or the Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival.