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Five Steps to an Effective Sign

If you’re mulling over what sort of sign you want to create to showcase your business, and wondering what would make it an effective sign, consider these five steps in your creative process.

A colourful Sign

Sign Graphics

The first element of your sign that needs consideration is whether or not you’re going to use a graphic of some kind. A graphic could mean your company’s logo, a picture that represents your business or your key message, or any other sort of picture that you feel either captures the attention of viewers, or connects to your business and its offerings.

People tend to relate to pictures faster than words, so it’s generally a good idea to include a graphic of some kind in your sign. Just remember that it has to stay on point with the message you’re trying to deliver to your audience. A picture of flowers would, of course, be perfect for a florist, but not a butcher shop.

Sign Shape

When signs are designed, there can be tendency to make them into squares or rectangles. While these shapes are sometimes needed to make a sign fit into a particular location, creating a sign that has a unique shape to it can help it stand out and capture more attention.

Circles, diamonds, triangles, and even rounded edges on a rectangle can give your sign an added element of visual interest. Work with the graphic you have selected to determine if there’s an opportunity to house it in a uniquely shaped sign.

What does your Sign Say

Depending on the purpose of your sign, you’ll need to create some sort of message to deliver to viewers. If the purpose of the sign is to alert viewers to a sale on a particular product, there should be a mention of that on the sign. If your sign is being created to identify your business on a building’s façade, then your company’s logo and name will suffice.

Keep in mind that creating the right message for your sign is a matter of striking a balance between offering too many details and too few. If you try to give your sign an understated look, there’s a chance that it won’t get noticed, or people will notice it but not know what your company is all about. On the other hand, wordiness on a sign can be a turn off. People don’t have the time or the attention span to stay still and read a long description of what you have to offer.

Choosing the right Font

Similar to choosing the right message for your sign, crafting the  typography for your sign is a matter of balance. You want to utilize a font that creates visual interest, but not one that makes the sign difficult to decipher.

You’ll also need to consider the size of the font. If you want your sign to be visible from a distance, you’ll need a larger font size than if you’re creating a sign meant for a window display.

Sign Colours

Think about whether you want your sign to incorporate your company’s colours. If your sign is going to mark your business and utilize your logo, you might want to take the opportunity to reinforce your brand’s colours. If the sign is being used for another purpose, think about what colours will catch the eye and connect to the message you’re conveying.


Putting together a well crafted sign has a lot of factors.  The benefit of choosing About Signs in Oakville is that we can step you through the process of developing a sign that you will be happy with for years.  We’ve built our sign business on quality work, and customer service.  As always, feel free to view our sign galleries and our Google+ page for recent instances of our work.