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Five Steps To Create A Strong Slogan For Your Brand

If you hear the phrase, “Just Do It,” you’ll probably know someone’s talking about Nike. That split-second association can just as easily be made between “I’m lovin’ it” and McDonald’s, or “What’s in your wallet?” and Capital One. A memorable slogan helps consumers keep certain brands in mind, which often translates into increased propensity to spend on those brands. No matter the size of your business, a strong slogan can help establish your brand with your target customers. Here are five steps crafting an effective slogan that suits your organization.

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Think About Your Existing Brand Materials

Don’t make the mistake of working on your slogan in isolation from the other elements of your brand, like your logo and company colours. If you have an established logo, look to see if you can work a slogan into the setup of your existing logo.

Again using McDonald’s as an example, their slogan, “I’m lovin’ it” often appears beneath their trademark golden arches. If you can hit consumers with your logo and slogan all at the same time, you’ll make it easier for them to remember both in tandem.

Keep It Short & Sweet

Slogans are most effective when they’re easy to understand and easy to recall. Remember that you only have a few seconds to make an impression on a prospective customer, so aim for something simple that can be absorbed quickly. To achieve that sort of simplicity, keep your slogan to under nine or ten words, avoid stretching it out to more than one sentence, and don’t use any million-dollar words – the word “beauty” works a lot better than “pulchritude.”

Highlight What Sets You Apart From Your Competition

Spend some time thinking about what your unique selling proposition is. What do you sell or do that’s different from your competitors? For example, you could be a pizza place that only uses local, organic vegetables in your recipes. You can incorporate that distinctive business practice into your slogan. You want people who see or hear your slogan to remember what it is that makes your business stand out.

Aim For Timelessness

Slogans are by no means set in stone, and even some of the world’s top brands routinely change their slogans to evolve with customer tastes and market standards. But changing your slogan does take time and resources away from other areas of your business, so the more timeless your slogan, the longer its shelf life will be. Be wary about using the word “only” in your slogan. You may be the only gluten-free bakery in your neighbourhood today, but that could change in a matter of months.

Be Honest

You want your slogan to be an accurate representation of your company and what it can deliver. Avoid phrases like “the best” or “number one” because they’re overused and, more often than not, difficult to quantify. It’s about finding a balance between presenting the quality of your business and not coming across as pushy, intimidating, or boastful.

After you’ve spent some time nailing down a slogan that best portrays your business, you’ll want to present it on your storefront sign, awning, or company vehicle. When you’re ready for that, get in touch with us here at About Signs to see how we can help incorporate a slogan with your signage! Just email or give us a call at 905-338-7446 and we’ll be happy to speak to you.