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Frequently Asked Questions / Answers

To create my sign, what information do I need to provide?

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Temporary or long term
  • Size of sign, material
  • Digitally printed full colour
  • Coloured vinyl or reflective
  • Verbage
  • Logo
  • Quantity
  • Expected due date

* Vinyl lettering or RTA (ready to apply) vinyl is customized to meet your measurements and requirements. Vinyl can be applied to almost any smooth surface such as windows, doors, vehicles and boats. As Vinyl is made from extruded plastic material, it holds up well in the elements outdoors.

Are you working from a Mac or PC?

  • We work on both PC & Mac.

What working files do you require?

  • Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS Version CS 13, PDF, CorelDraw X3, high res PSD, TIFF or JPEG
  • Finished size @ 300 dpi
  • All text to be converted to outlines or curves.

Can you colour match my logo?

  • Yes, we can colour match to the closest coloured vinyl or by digital print.
  • Please provide us with a pantone # if possible.

* Pantone is A color-matching method invented by Pantone, a company which publishes books with coloured tiles. This system allows people to pick out colours that are standardized and print with the same results despite the equipment used.

Can you create or re-draw a logo?

  • We’ll be happy to. Our hourly rate is $75/hour.

6 areas that should be discussed with you before making your sign.
Does your sign manufacturer cover these before he takes your business?

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. Where will the sign be used?
  3. Is this a temporary or long term sign?
  4. Do you believe your logo is recognized by everyone?
  5. What message are you trying to convey?
  6. What type of response are you looking for?

Permits – do I need a permit?

Good question! All cities and towns have permit bylaws. They can be found online by searching for a town, and their sign bylaws. Generally, for any new sign a permit is required if it is outdoors. Whether it’s a ground sign, pylon sign, or storefront sign a permit is required. The city will want to know how it is attached, and we produce drawings for that purpose. Window graphics are different, and vary by city. Permits usually take 2 – 4 weeks to obtain and can cost $200 – $400 and up. We recommend getting permits when required, as you can be asked to take the sign down, and fined without one. You can get your own permit, or we can get it for you. In order to get a sign permit, the following information is required:

  1. Signed letter of authorization from your landlord on their letterhead
  2. Site survey showing property lines
  3. Wall cross section that the sign is attached to

How long does it take to get a sign?

Normally signs take 2 – 4 weeks from time of order until installation. Add another 3-4 weeks to that if you need to first get a sign permit. Don’t leave it until the last minute ! I don’t know how many times people have told us they are opening in 2 weeks and need a sign. When they are told it could take 8 weeks, they flip out!