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How to Get More Business with an A-Frame Sign

How to Get More Business with an A-Frame Sign

In our digital age, there are so many options when it comes to advertising your business. But sometimes, going with a more traditional type of signage is exactly what you need. Affordable, simplistic and convenient, a-frame signs (also known as sandwich board signs) can play a huge part in attracting more foot traffic to your storefront. Here’s why you should consider ordering one today!

#1) A-Frame Signs are Versatile

From bakeries and clothing stores to restaurants and many other types of storefront retail businesses, a-frame signs make the perfect addition to your location.

Suitable for advertising your store’s location or special offers, these sidewalk signboards are often easily changeable, too. Some a-frame signs include a chalkboard or whiteboard so that you can alter your message as often as you want. Since a-frame signs have two sides, you can choose to advertise up to two different messages.

Choose a staff member with beautiful handwriting or artistic ability to create a unique sign that’s perfectly suited for your business!

#2) A-Frame Signs are Durable

Normally constructed out of wood or metal, a-frame signs are durable and can withstand our Canadian climate. They can be easily secured to lamp posts or trees to decrease the chances of theft or damage occurring. Because they are so light-weight, many business owners choose to move their sign inside after closing their location.

To extend the lifetime of the sign, easily fold it up and store it inside during stormy weather.

#3) A-Frame Signs Attract More Customers

How often do you notice that unless something is right in front of your customers, they don’t notice it?

A-frame signs attract the attention of sidewalk traffic that may otherwise continue walking by your location. They’re especially useful for businesses that don’t have suitable space for regular ground signs or are located in a low visibility location.

They also make your business appear more welcoming. By being prominently displayed on the sidewalk in front of a business, a-frame signs can help prospective customers notice a business they may not have otherwise.

#4) A-Frame Signs Can Be Tailored to Your Business

Only have a small space to work with on the sidewalk outside your storefront? Need a sign that can be frequently updated? A-frame signs are the solution!

Available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, sidewalk signs are completely customizable to each business. Some a-frame signs even come with inserts! With a variety of modern and antique finishes to choose from, selecting an a-frame sign that captures your business’ brand is easy.

For over 20 years, About Signs Ltd. has been providing Oakville and the surrounding area businesses with high quality, affordable signage that gets results. We work closely with business owners to choose the best type of signage that doesn’t break their budget. To learn more about how a-frame signs can help your business, contact us today!