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Light Up Your GTA Business with Illuminated Signs

Light Up Your GTA Business with Illuminated Signs

Day or night, open or closed, you want your business to work for you. By investing in an illuminated sign, it can do just that! Here are some of the top reasons why you should use illuminated signage on the front or inside of your building in the GTA.

Versatile Applications

With the ability to be visible from quite a distance, illuminated signs are perfect for all types of businesses throughout the Greater Toronto Area!

Frequently seen at schools, churches, restaurants and stores, illuminates d signs can be used to advertise promotions, special offers and more. Incorporate LEDs and colour changing accents with internal illumination to create the best lighting solution for your business. Add dimming control so that your signage lighting is the exact brightness required.

Increase Safety

Digital wayfinding signs are illuminated signs that provide direction to certain destinations. Big, bold letters and graphics combine with illumination to create a maximum impact.

They are commonly found in retail and health care settings to help visitors get exactly where they need to go. Apartment and condo buildings, recreation centres and parking garages are some other popular locations for digital wayfinding signs.

Other than directions, this type of illuminated sign can provide helpful information including estimated wait times and critical information during an emergency situation. They can be used to provide real-time communication that can be frequently and easily updated remotely.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Tired of seeing the same message displayed day after day on your permanent types of signage?

With their ability to be changed within seconds, electronic message signs make it easy to frequently update the messaging. The best part? You don’t even need to be on-site to update an illuminated sign! The LED letters can be changed remotely – without setting up ladders or fumbling with reader board letters – and during any weather condition.

Affordable and Easy to Maintain

Just like in your home or store, using LED in your signage results in energy cost savings. Compared to old, non-energy efficient fluorescent signs, illuminated signs require fewer lightbulbs but produce more light.

They’re easy to maintain, too. Although it will be years before the LED lights in your signs need to be replaced, it won’t take long to see a return on your investment! Many LED lights are rated for 10,000 hours and can last 10 years.

A Branding Opportunity

Each custom-made illuminated sign package includes limitless possibilities.

Tailor your illuminated sign to your company’s branding and choose appropriate colour-changing accents. Taking into consideration your building size, its location and local bylaws, illuminated signs are the perfect opportunity to match your messaging to your branding.

Start Illuminating Your GTA Business Today!

Ready to illuminate your business any time of the day or night? Based in Oakville and servicing the GTA, we create and install exceptionally efficient LED illuminated lighting solutions. To learn more about our top-quality LED illuminated signs, get in touch with us today!