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Guide to Storefront Signs and Commercial Signage Costs

Guide to Storefront Signs and Commercial Signage Costs

Storefront signs can make your location more appealing and more noticeable. Just having a physical business location isn’t enough to get the right people through your door. Commercial signage can make the difference between sales growth and missed opportunities. Commercial signage costs vary depending on the scale of the project. At About Signs Limited, you can get competitive commercial signage costs in Southwestern Ontario.

Learn about some of our most popular types of signs and start with your consultation by calling our team today.

Which Type of Signboard is Right for You?

Choosing the right type of signboard for your business can be a challenge. There’s a lot to think about. Practicality, cost, the overall design, and the material can leave you stuck between the different options.

At About Signs Limited, we make it easy to find the right type of signboard for your needs. We know the types of signs that capture interest and command attention. There’s no single solution to fit all. The right type of signboard for your business depends on your location, your budget, and other factors like whether you need the sign to be visible at night.

We are experts in both indoor and outdoor signs and will provide you with a range of options based on your business needs.

Try hanging blade signs if you’re looking for something unique outside your front door. Illuminated sign boxes can be used for graphics and letters. Electronic message signs are even an option if you want to customize your storefront signage frequently. Whatever you have in mind, or even if you don’t know where to start, our team is standing by.

To help you get started with ideas on the right type of signboard, we have a few standout examples for you to consider below.

Vinyl Window Signs for Businesses

Not long ago, it was common for businesses to employ signwriters who would literally paint images and letters right onto the storefront glass. Vinyl window signs for businesses eliminate the need for expensive and messy window painting.

Vinyl window signs for businesses can use text, shapes, and even full-colour graphics, depending on your needs. They are ideal for storefronts facing parking lots and roadsides. They can also be used effectively in malls and shopping centers when the windows face open spaces.

Vinyl window signs for businesses are cost-effective with a relatively short turnaround time from design to installation. If you want an affordable and eye-catching way to market your brand, your products or services, and ongoing promotions, you can talk to us to begin the design process for vinyl window signs for businesses.

Take a look at our complete guide and gallery of vinyl window signs here.

Backlit Real Estate Signs

Real estate companies compete in a market where visibility is everything. Even if you aren’t in the real estate industry, you can appreciate how backlit real estate signs are used to promote some of the biggest brands, like Century 21.

The specific type of lighting used depends on the application. Halo lighting is an option for backlit real estate signs placed on solid walls. The halo effect is suitable indoors and outdoors for backlit real estate signs. With the lighting behind the solid lettering and shapes on backlit real estate signs, there’s a pronounced three-dimensional effect with a bright glow that stands out.

You can use similar concepts in your own business. Backlit real estate signs like this Century 21 sign can serve as inspiration for your project.

Price Signs for Retail

Our digital printing service can cover everything from price signs for retail to floor-to-ceiling posters and even vinyl floor signs.

Price signs for retail can look a little different depending on the businesses. Larger premises can make use of acrylic or metal pedestals (such as car showrooms) to display model information and pricing. Smaller retailers can make use of small removal vinyl stickers to add pricing to any surface, including display cabinets.

If you are looking for unique price signs for retail that go beyond typical price tags, you can talk to us to learn about our custom solutions. We will work with you to design price signs for retail that capture the attention of shoppers.

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With our fair commercial signage costs, you can make a valuable investment in the success of your business. We will ensure that commercial signage costs are consistent with your budget needs, without compromising the quality of your signage.

From wall signs to window vinyl, backlit signs, and more, you’ll find the best solutions at About Signs Limited. Start with your free quote, learn about commercial signage costs, and see how you can promote your business effectively with our help.