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How To Capture The Eye

A visually striking sign is a great way to capture the attention of would-be customers of your business. Once you have their attention, you can sell them on what makes your particular product or service the one worth investing in. But the average person is bombarded an array of signs and messages every day, and it’s all too easy for him or her to tune out. So to stand out from all that visual noise and get your message across, consider these pointers of making a professional signage that will provide some effective marketing for your business.

Presto Sign on Hamilton Bus

Stay on point

Sometimes companies want to provide prospective customers with a grocery list of all they have to offer. This isn’t an effective marketing strategy when it comes to signs, because all those offerings – as valuable as they may be – will complicate the sign and make it less appealing to readers. Remember that signs are glanced at in the middle of other activities like walking, driving, or riding on public transit, so you need to keep your message simple, easy to read, and easy to remember. One or two catchy lines of text will work better than a paragraph.

Select the right size

Your sign’s size should be in line with how it’s going to be used. For example, a sign inside a store directing consumers to a particular item can be smaller in size because customers are already looking around. A sign on the outside of a store would need to be much larger, because it would be used to draw in people from off the street, and therefore would need to be easy to read during a passing glance or from a distance. When creating the size of the sign, take into account the distance from which people will read it, and size your text appropriately.

Use colours to your advantage

Like any other sort of visual marketing, signs have to be designed to look good. Utilize a colour scheme that ensures text is clearly distinguishable from the background. While it may be tempting to use black text on a white background for this purpose, you’re better off experimenting with some colour combinations that will garner more attention. Remember that bright, loud colours don’t necessarily mean noticeable. Navy blue text on a beige background strikes a good balance between eye-catching, legible, and professional.

Do something different

If your sign is competing for attention against a few other nearby signs, you’ll need to do something a little different with it to help it stand out. Sometimes all it takes is a small change, like orienting your text at an angle rather than on a straight line. You can also try using unique imagery or illustrations in eye-catching colours to differentiate your sign.

Let people know what to do next

So someone saw your sign – great! But will seeing the sign translate into a sale for your business? There’s a better chance it will if you include a call to action like “call us”, “visit us” or “stop by”. Is your sign positioned somewhere that you could have informational booklets or flyers close by? If so, find yourself a company for booklet printing and provide some further information and on your business or product, including contact information. That way, people have an idea of how they can get in touch with you, instead of just having them notice your sign and then forget about it.

Sometimes a well done sign is all it takes for your business to reach that extra mile. Give us a visit for more information on creating a sign.