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How Vehicle Wraps Can Increase Your Brand Reach

How Vehicle Wraps Can Increase Your Brand Reach

No matter what type of business you operate, choosing effective marketing tools and strategies are crucial to your brand awareness. One cost-effective tool that you should consider using is vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are vinyl covers that mold to your car or truck and can display custom designs including your company logo, graphics and contact information.

Here are five examples of how vehicle wraps can help you promote brand awareness for your company.

1. You don’t need to have a brick and mortar building

Many businesses operate out of homes. Having a storefront or fancy downtown office is expensive, and for many types of businesses, it is unnecessary. For example, online businesses and private contractors can often conduct business with little more than a laptop and a wi-fi connection. Still though, if you want some form of physical advertising, what better way to have it than when you drive your vehicle around your local area.

2. Take your advertising to your clients (and your potential clients)

If you operate a business that requires you to visit clients’ homes in person (such as a tradesperson, in-home caregiver or cleaner), then why not let your vehicle advertise to their neighbours while you are busy providing the service.

Neighbourhoods where the homes are of similar ages often have similar problems such as roofing that needs replacing or plumbing. A company car parked in front of a client’s home may be just the ticket to get you more business.

3. There is a one-time fee

Unlike running an ad in a newspaper or on the radio which will require you to pay every month, you only have to pay for a vehicle wrap once. You can then have this form of advertising until you decide to trade in your vehicle or until you decide that you want it removed or changed.

4. Striking designs and attention-getting graphics

When you order a vehicle wrap, the designs you can achieve are practically endless. You’ll have a full-colour palette to choose from, and you can custom design anything you wish from custom graphics to photographs. This will help ensure that your vehicle wrap can be as attention-grabbing as possible.

5. A vehicle wrap will not damage your car

Some people wonder how commercial vehicle wraps will affect their car and whether it is really a smart idea. But you will be happy to learn that a vehicle wrap will in no way damage your car and it can be removed at any time. In fact, a vehicle wrap will even help to protect your paint from scratches and chips. This means if you are leasing your car or truck, having a vehicle wrap can help prevent you from having to pay for the damage. If you’re wanting to wrap your own car, you may want to look into wax and polish to ensure your wrap stays in the best condition it can. It may be worth noting that some detailing products can’t be used on certain types of wraps, it will be important to do your research as well as ask the company that will be wrapping your car on the best maintenance options suitable.

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